Try These Ideas To Avoid Boredom At The Time Of Lockdown

It’s the 10th day of lockdown. Being the responsible citizen of your respective countries, you have not stepped out of your homes till now. You are trying everything to engage your body and mind to feel happy. But as it’s the 10th day, and for many of us, it’s the 15th or 20th day of lockdown, it is obvious, you have been feeing bore inside and need a change.

To help you deal with this tough time, we have come up with some interesting task that you can do during the lockdown, hoping that these tasks will keep you busy and entertained. We won’t ask you to do exercises, which you haven’t done in life, following a routine that seems painstaking or follow spirituality.

Pamper Yourself And Your Partner 

Pamper Yourself And Your Partner
Pamper Yourself And Your Partner

Due to lockdown, parlours and salons have been shut, you have no way to go for pampering your skin and for grooming. However, that doesn’t mean all your options of beautifying your appearance has shut. You can do this at home by taking some guidance. Get your scrub, facial cream, mask, and give a treat to yourself. If you are fortunate, living with your partner or family, do this with others as well.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a facial kit, learn to make this at home using natural ingredients. You can prepare scrub, facial cream, mask, etc at home using spices and herbs commonly found in the kitchen.

Give A Treat To Your Hair

Give A Treat To Your Hair
Give A Treat To Your Hair

When it comes to pampering self, it is imperative to check out the health of hair. Take benefit of this free time to give a nourishing retreat to your hairs.

Normally, it becomes an obligation to shampoo hair every alternate day as it gets exposed to the harsh environment outside, pollution and other chemicals. This is the time to nourish it from root to tip so that when you step out after lockdown, your hairs speak, you have not wasted your free time.

Now, if your question is, how to nourish hairs without professional quality products? The answer is ——-‘go natural’. Many natural ingredients are there that repair and rejuvenate hair. Professional products also contain these ingredients, such as onion juice, aloe vera gel, fenugreek seed. You can learn to prepare different types of hair mask at home online.

Try New Massages 

We all know the health benefits of massage, so why not try this at home, when you have nothing to do! Give massages to your partner, you can use essential oil for the same. It is very rejuvenating. Don’t worry, if you are not a professional, learn this skill online, and follow a simple rule—- don’t have to put pressure. Move your hand gently over the body.

You can try head massage, shoulder massage, hand and leg massage or the whole body massage. You can try a new one every day. I am sure, this way you will create great memories.

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Try Manicure and Pedicure At Home

Because of lockdown, the cleaning staff at our homes are also on leave. We have no other option except taking over this responsibility. Moreover repeated use of alcohol-based sanitizers also damages the skin (We are not asking you to not use sanitizer). To repair this damage, you can try manicure and pedicure and nurture your hand and feet. You can do this at home without professional instruments as well.

Learn how to do manicure and pedicure at home online. It is simple and fun to do manicure and pedicure in free time. Give this treatment to other family members and rediscover love in your relationship. Additionally, to keep your hand skin moisturized, don’t forget to apply moisturizer on hand and feet often.

Other than this, you can engage yourself in the following activities.

  • Following your hobby and passion
  • Play indoor games with family members
  • Read books
  • Try hand on cooking
  • Spend time with children and create beautiful memories.

Conclusion – The lockdown has given us a break from doing what we were busy at. No need to feel sad, bore or stuck for this. Take this time as an opportunity to do everything that you wished to do. These actions will not only help you keep yourself busy, away from negatives prevaling outside but will also pep up your beauty giving you a pleasing look.

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