Spiritual Retreat in Haridwar & Vrindavan by Dr. Kumar’s Lifestyle Centre

Discover yourself at DKLC’s retreat centre. Want to know What is Wellness retreat?

Well, if we go by the dictionary, the meaning of retreat is “an act of moving back or withdrawing from something”. The wellness retreat means, moving back/withdrawing the self from the hustle-bustle of city life, giving free space to the body and soul for some time. It is all about, moving away from responsibilities, and liabilities that give stress, and connecting the body to the soul to find inner peace. 

The wellness retreat provides the needed place to relax and rejuvenate. Different types of wellness retreats offer an array of activities, and it has been named accordingly, like the yoga retreat, spiritual retreat, mind retreat, Ayurveda retreat, detox retreat, nirvana retreat, and holistic retreat.

Dr Kumar’s Retreat program comprises all types of retreats, so you have a wide option to choose from.


Yoga Treatment

The yoga retreat is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself, as this will give you an opportunity to connect to yourself. If the following questions are arising in your mind, what will you do in a yoga retreat, whether it is for you or not, it means you are making a thoughtful decision after analyzing and understanding things, which is good.

So, a yoga retreat is for everyone, either you know yoga, you practice it daily, you have just started; have felt its benefits and now want to dive deep, you have heard about yoga and its health benefits and want to try it. In a yoga retreat, you practice yoga at a place close to nature; under the observation of experts. The retreat period varies depending on the package you chose, and during the retreat days, you not only learn new forms of yoga, correct your posture, and understand and experience its health benefits but also avail many other benefits of yoga, such as you will meet like-minded people, will eat healthy food, detox your body and reset your body soul and mind.

Yoga treatment
Mind retreat

Mind Retreat

This is a unique retreat program tailored to relax and rejuvenate the mind. The retreat program is for everyone who works in a stressful environment. The program educates participants on how to take care of self-using the natural healing mechanism. The mind retreat program has a combination of massage, yoga, detox, meditation and diet. Activities are included or excluded according to the requirement and package you are taking.

Body Retreat

The body retreat program is very effective in accomplishing fitness goals as it has been designed for the same. Whether you want to get rid of some physical or mental issue, lose weight or just want to be fit, this retreat is for you. In the body retreat program, you engage yourself in different activities, according to your body needs, this includes aerobics, Zumba, jogging, walking, running, adventure sports, etc. This helps you to keep your vital organs, heart and lungs active and also burn excess fat and calories. You get this retreat in an excellent peaceful environment, and you get freshly prepared delicious food to support the activities

Body retreat
Ayurveda retreat

Ayurvedic Retreat

Ayurveda is the ancient healing system when talking about healing illness, it considers the treatment of the mind, soul and body. According to Ayurveda, a human body is made of five elements of nature, earth, water, air, fire and ether. Ayurveda has categorized these five elements into three doshas, Vata, Kapha and Pitta. When these doshas get disturbed, which happens because of our eating habits and lifestyle, health challenges begin. In the Ayurveda retreat program, experts examine your doshas and prescribe unique therapies to correct doshas imbalance to heal the body. The therapies we provide in our retreat program include diet suggestions, massage, cleansing treatment, lifestyle changes, meditation and breathing, healing herbs, yoga posture, etc.

Detox Retreat

Detoxification simply means removing toxins from the body. We all accumulate waste in our bodies from the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and from electronic gadgets we use. Detoxification retreat involves fastening of different types and at different levels. It can be food restriction detoxification, mobile detoxification, thoughts detoxification and even clothing detoxification.

Detox retreat
Spiritual Retreat

Spiritual Retreat

Yes, you read it right, we can practice spirituality at any place. But, practising it in the right environment and with like-minded people gives a boost. In spiritual retreat, you will be surrounded by people who have joined the retreat program for the same intent, you will be guided about who you are, what is true happiness, how to attain peace in life, and how to get close to God. Different activities have been planned for participants that make this educational and informative session, a little lighter and more entertaining.


Holistic Retreat

The holistic retreat program has been designed to revive the body, mind and soul. In this retreat program, participants practice yoga, meditation, spa, take spirituality classes and go on a spiritual walk with experts in their respective fields and like-minded people. You will be served pure satvik food during the retreat to support your learning. You will have lots of learning from spiritual gurus as you will get the opportunity to discuss your questions about spirituality and life with them.

Holistic Retreat
Nirvana Retreat

Nirvana Retreat

Our Nirvana retreat program is for everyone. In this retreat program, we will deepen your understanding of cravings, addictions and compulsions, and will help to get rid of them. Here, you will practice different types of meditation, live with like-minded people, talk to them, ask questions, clear your doubts, and participate in supporting activities. This is retreat is all about quietude, but will not lack fun. It has been designed by the experts to slant the mind towards kindness, which is the top level of mindfulness. During this retreat program, you will be kept on a vegetarian diet, cooked with complete happiness. You will enjoy nature’s beauty and the companion of people filled with love.



Duration3 Days Detox Retreat7 Days Wellness Retreat14 Days Rejuvenation Retreat21 Days Holistic Health Retreat
Accommodation SingleCoupleSharedSingleCoupleShared SingleCoupleShared SingleCoupleShared
Fixed cost22500375001875052500875004375010500017500087500157500262500131250
Variable cost5000750050007500125007500100001500010000150002250015000
Body Retreat – Physical Detox 3 Days Retreat 7 Days Retreat 14 Days Retreat 21 Days Retreat
Preventive health management
Detoxification – complete body with Liver, Skin, upper & lower GIT.
Hypertension management
Weight management
Diabetes management
Cholesterol management
Acidity, gastritis, constipation, Ulcer management
IBS – Irritable bowel Syndrome management
Save your Joints and spine and Arthritis management
Respiratory disease management
PCOS management
Deaddiction- Drugs and Digital
Mind Retreat – Mental Detox  
Stress , anxiety management
Depression Management
Migraine management
Relationship management (interpersonal relationship)
Soul Retreat – Spiritual Detox  
Emotional stability and self-control
Chakra Healing
Spiritual Sojourn