Diabetes Treatment

In the case of Diabetes, Ayurveda makes it possible for one to live a healthy and happy life. In order to treat diabetes, sugar levels cannot be controlled alone.

The timely treatment of diabetes can reduce the risk of major health complications caused by neglecting the disease. Ayurveda helps millions of diabetes patients manage their blood sugar levels.

Diabetes is also treated with naturopathy using the following methodology.



By administering a warm water enema, the body is cleansed and detoxified of accumulated toxins. Hydrotherapy improves metabolic rate and brings sugar levels under control. There are also hip baths, immersion baths, foot, and arm baths, steam baths, abdomen packs, etc.

Mud Therapy

In diabetic patients with underutilized endocrine organs, mud therapy synchronizes the digestive system with the endocrine system, preventing toxins from accumulating.

Mud Bath

To eliminate toxins from the body, mud baths are one of the best methods. As a result of applying this mud pack to the abdomen, blood circulation is increased, inner congestion is relieved, and morbid toxins are eliminated.

Massage Therapy: The practice of massage therapy is regarded as a passive exercise that improves the functions of the circulatory and nervous systems. Muscles are relaxed and stress is reduced.

Naturopathy treatment includes yoga and pranayama

Yoga Therapy

Combined with a well-balanced diet and natural treatments, Yoga can help control blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients benefit from asanas that improve digestive functions, liver functions, and pancreatic functions.


The most effective Pranayamas are Anulom-Vilom, Ujjayi, Bharamari, Bhastrika, Kaplbhati

The body produces more adrenaline when stressed, which raises blood sugar levels. Practising yoga and pranayam reduces stress and helps you sleep better. Sleeping well reduces stress and leads to a lower blood sugar level since stress increases insulin levels.

Brisk Walk

Walking for 30 to 45 minutes helps keep sugar levels under control and helps keep the body weight under control.

Chromo Therapy

The treatment of diseases using chromotherapy, or color therapy, is known as color therapy. The method has been used successfully to cure diseases for over a century. Diabetic patients are treated with yellow and green colors. The pancreas and thyroid glands are stimulated by yellow and green colors, which help eliminate toxins.

We at Dr Kumar ensure that we treat diabetes type-1 and type-2 with an Ayurvedic approach by addressing the root cause of the problem and giving you 360° improvement, not just lowering blood sugar levels. Diabetes can damage kidneys, eyes, and the nervous system if untreated.