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Dr. Kumar’s Lifestyle centre is a revelation. Every time someone asks you to fix your health, You usually have two options: one to go with modern allopathic medicines and second one is going with the alternative medicines. First path is full of chemical dosing, painful procedures and lots of side effects. Second path also gets us jittered by thinking of the time taking process of alternative medicine.Your time is already taken and is mostly consumed in your job, family and leisure activities. To take a chunk out of your distributed time is a pain in itself, hence we bring to your health at your convenience. Our association on fixing your health won’t be just one time but the lifetime. So, join hands with us to live a life full of joy and happiness.

A healthy body and mind is a blessing that should be sustained with healthy practices.

We live in an era where our lifestyle has become so fast-paced that we ignore one basic aspect of our life- Our Health.

Overall health of India has drastically fallen in the last decade and our hectic lifestyle takes most of the blame. We are all running after amassing a good fortune dreaming to enjoy a lavish retirement life but the wealth we earn ends up in treating the diseases we gained while we ignored our health. Isn’t it a sad irony?

World health organization (WHO) says, health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing not mere absence of disease.

That means Health and wellness integrate physical, emotional and spiritual vitality that creates balance among relationships, family, work and community. It also supports a sense of stability and harmony.

Everyone has a unique health and wellness story, changing over the course of lifetime. Based on this understanding, our approach to health and wellness is holistic. We recognize and believe that every one of us is different, take it demography, culture, habits, responses; this shows our unique strengths. Our health and wellness programs are very much personalized and tailor made where someone can create their own roadmap to optimal living. We want to inspire and motivate our users to engage in the practice of health and wellness, regardless the challenges they may face. Dr. Kumar’s lifestyle works on the concept of health at your convenience.

Under the guidance of Dr. Kumar, Dr. Kumar’s lifestyle center has an expertise in world-renowned processes of Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Psychotherapy, Diet and nutrition. We at Dr. Kumar’s lifestyle center assess your health, treat you for your present complications and then keep you aware of giving timely updates and guidance whenever required.

We use safe and all-natural practices like Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Psychotherapy, Diet and Nutrition to fulfill your goals.

With us you don’t need to change too much of your daily routine, We know it that daily routine is not something completely under your control. Our program is a cut and add based model. After assessing your health we just remove all the negative parts from your life to bring you to a neutral stage and from there we add on all positive parts in your lifestyle to keep you healthy forever.

Join us on the wonderful journey of better health and living today

Why choose us - Dr Kumar's Lifestyle Centre ?

17 years of experience

We have more than 17 years of world-class experience in the health industry. With expertise in world-renowned processes of naturopathy, Ayurveda, yoga, and psychotherapy, we don’t believe in curing the symptoms but the root cause of the disease giving the patient complete treatment.

World Class Therapies

We believe in the concept of health at your convenience. We have proven world-class therapies in our kitty that have healed many across the globe. We bring therapies like colon hydrotherapy at your disposal so that you could benefit from them and take your health to top-notch levels.

Hassle free services

We believe in hassle free services. At Dr. Kumar’s lifestyle centre you just walk in, consult, take therapies and walk out. Everything is so smooth and convenient here. We have dedicated team to serve you offline and online as well.

Dr. K. Kumar

CEO and Founder

Dr. Kumar’s lifestyle centre works on the concept of health at your convenience. This concept was developed by Dr. Kumar, a well renowned health specialist having a plethora of experience in the health and fitness industry. He is a renowned Ph.D. scholar and has an experience of 17 years in the health industry.

He has an expertise in world-renowned processes of Naturopathy, Yoga, Psychotherapy, Diet and Nutrition. He has a passion for health and wellness; and believes that in India now health is social issue and this need to be taken care of accordingly. Ancient Indian methods of treatment are well designed and thoughtful to tackle the present situation of social health.

He doesn’t believe in curing the symptoms but the root cause of the disease giving the patient complete treatment. He believes that health is not a one-hour practice game, one must be aware and well informed about the facts and practices behind it.

Today everyone is after convenience, accordingly alternative medicines also has to be convenient. Dr Kumar is working in this direction and developing small human health service centers which should be available to all at their convenient locations and with walk in and walk out facilities along with online and offline support.

He says that solution of your lifestyle disorders present in your lifestyle itself. We here at Dr Kumar’s lifestyle centers work to make your health better using natural ways and methods.