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The hectic lifestyle and the fast-pace of 21st century has led to stress and breeding of health related issues. Health issues have become quite common in contemporary times. With our fast paced lives, offering limited scope to take care of our health, we at Dr. Kumar Lifestyle centre bring the concept of- Health at your convenience.

Due to technology, environment, and delivery based working model, stress has become the part of professional’s life.

There are majorly three levels of stress:

1. Performance linked stress: To perform any activity of life someone should have basic level of stress, this keep us activated to accomplish a particular task.

2. Anxiety: Over stressed due to inability to handle situations, over workload, poor health, sometimes basic stress crosses its upper limit and enters into the red zone where performance starts coming down and from here only a negative cycle starts.

3. Depression: If anxiety doesn’t get managed or treated on time, it takes over your emotions, health and functionality of the brain. A person becomes hopeless, unable to take any decision and entre into depression stage.

Due to unmanaged stress level an individual gets in trap and faces challenges like:

  • Not able to manage his routine
  • Not able to manage his relations
  • Not able to manage his performance
  • Not able to manage his thoughts
  • Not able to manage his health
  • And finally not able to manage his life
How to handle and manage this situation :
1. Counselling
2. Awareness
3. Give Right Information
4. Positive Attitude
5. Right Practices
How to prevent this situation :
1. Maintain your Physical Health
2. Maintain your Mental Health
3. Time Management
4. Relation Management
5. Healthy Social Life

We at Dr. Kumar’s Lifestyle Center provide personalized and group services in terms of psychological and physical health. We are specialized and expert in alternative medicines and psychotherapy. We provide on the desk and off desk services. We teach the unique techniques which enable an individual to unleash his/her eternal powers. We make the work environment more joyful and healthy.

Our on desk services include: counseling and awareness program.
1. Individual and group Counseling.
2. Health Seminars
3. Health Talk
4. Diet and Nutrition Management
5. Stress Management
6. Lifestyle Management
7. Weight Management
8. Wellness Guide Program
Our off desk services includes: Detox and Treatment Clinic
1. Health assessment: we use all state of the art equipment to perform health analysis.
2. Body Composition Analysis
3. Mental and Physical stress analysis by EEG (alpha), EMG, Pulse, Temperature, Respiration, and GSR.
4. Clinical Data Research.
Therapies: we use all state of the art equipment to perform therapies.
1. Colon hydro therapy
2. Shirodhara
3. Mud therapy
4. Hot and cold therapy
5. Yoga therapy
6. Psycho therapy
7. Tissue therapy

Our Techniques

We are purely into alternative medicine and practice naturopathy, Yoga, Psychotherapy, and Ayurveda.
These are very safe and effective.
Give your team a new energy and life after all they will deliver back to you.

Our Program

1. Basic program in this we conduct group counselling and practical classes at your campus which covers awareness, tool to address stress and day to day health. Duration of this program is 9 hours, 90 minutes per class. Topic to be covered:

1. Intro of psychophysical aspect of health
2. Practical- physical exercises
3. Practical- mental exercises
4. Course Correction
5. Tips for healthy Office
6. Queries and doubt session

2. Advance program in this we conduct individual counselling and health assessment at your campus which covers physical and mental health. If required we refer and provide off desk services to an individual at our designated centers. A regular weekly visit to your campus by one of our specialists like dietitian, therapist and counselor will be done. Duration minimum 3 months to 1 year on weekly visit basis. We recommend this program should be taken with basic program.

Our Offerings

1. Regular health check-ups
2. World class therapies
3. Natural methods of healing
4. Personal diet plan

With a drastic change in our lifestyle, we as millenials of 21st century are on a high risk of falling ill and facing health related issues. In this fast paced life, timely checkups and giving little attention to your health can give you long term gains.

How do we ensure good health for you?
1. Personalized health report
2. Personalized diet plan
3. Customised fitness program
4. Natural methods of healing
5. End to end guidance
6. Lifetime health maintenance

Enquiry form- Do feel free to inquire, our Mail id : Contact Number: +91-9818008533 , 0129-4300300


Office Hours : Monday to Saturday 10 AM To 6PM – Consultation on appointment only.