Fight against corona

Fight Against Corona Virus

Corona Virus, ebola, H1B1, swine flu, we all are aware of these names and catastrophic damage they have done in different parts of the world. All these were strange names for us some 5-10 years back. But now the deadly effect of these viruses is raising our brows. Although the ill effect of these viruses has not hit India that badly, thanks to healthy food practices, we have inherited from our ancestors, but we cannot be certain that it will never make its way into our life. Our changing lifestyle, western influences food culture, increased pollution and weak immunity will invite them into our system one or another day for sure. Therefore, it is better to be prepared to face it strongly.

WHO recommends, a combination of offensive and defensive mechanism can protect us from the attack of these viruses. What aggressive and preservative methods we can take to make our body’s defence mechanisms strong, what measures we should take to strengthen immunity and what are signs of virus attacks, all these things we will discuss in this blog. We will talk more about COVID -19 attack more as the world has been facing the heat of this virus attack at present. However, the measures we are sharing here are effective against any viral attack.

What Is COVID-19?

COVID-19 has hit China badly and now, it has spread in over 30 countries in the World. After China, Japan, Korea, Italy has witnessed a huge outburst of COVID-19 and it has claimed thousands of lives so far. The cause of COVID-19 outbreak is a group of virus that belongs to the family of Coronavirus. This is the first time, coronavirus has attacked human and this antivirus for coronavirus is not the present body has never encountered. The virus comes from animals and this is the first time, it has attacked humans. Therefore, medical science does not have medicine to treat its symptoms.

What Are The Signs Of Corona Virus Attack?

Fight Against Corona Virus

The common symptoms of Corona attack are runny nose, fever, cough, sore throat, breathing problem. These are also the symptoms of flu, but the difference between virus attack and flu is that the symptoms persist for more than a week, unlike flu. So, if you are facing any of these health issues for more than a week, consult the doctor. And even if it is not a week, consulting doctor is better as a precaution is always better than cure.

Aggressive Measures To Fight Corona virus Threat

Because this coronavirus has attacked human for the first time, therefore, medical science does not have medicines for it. The antibiotics are not working in this case as this is a viral disease, and the antiviral medicines are for flu, not for corona. So, it became important for top health authorities in the world to announce methods that can stop the spread of COVID-19. Some of the steps are

  • See your doctor as soon as you develop any symptom
  • Stay away from non-vegetarian food as coronavirus comes from animals
  • Avoid travelling to areas infected by Coronavirus

Preventive Measures To Fight Corona virus Threat

Fight Against Corona Virus

Some preventive measures can protect you from coronavirus, these have been shared by WHO (World Health Organization). The measures are

  • Wash your hand regularly and use alcohol-based soap or handwash for the same. This kills viruses.
  • Maintain distance from people sneezing or coughing
  • Avoid touching mouth, eyes or nose after touching anything coming from outside. The coronavirus stays on the surface. It can be on the surface of anything, if you will touch an infected surface and then you will touch following body parts, the virus will make its way into the body via that. After coming from outside, clean your body and then touch any of the body parts. This is more critical for those living in virus attacked area.
  • Practice good respiratory hygiene, use a tissue or hand to cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing.
  • Practice basic hygiene of cleaning hands after using the toilet, sneezing or coughing.

Boost Your Immunity To Fight Corona virus

The preventive measures like washing hands with alcohol-based soap can protect you from corona attack, by introducing immunity booster foodstuff in your diet, you can make your immunity strong enough to withstand against the attack and ensure a faster recovery.

The researchers say the effect of COVID-19 is different on people with a different immunity level. People with good immunity recover from COVID-19 attract after getting a few symptoms of flu, whilst those with low immunity have died because of the same. Organ failure is one of the main reasons for death in COVID-19 attack.

So, boosting immunity will help your body fighting against coronavirus attack, some foodstuffs that you can add in your diet include

  • Tulsi– Tulsi is anti-inflammatory and anti-viral, consume five leaves of tulsi daily to boost immunity. Consume it empty stomach. You can pair it with 1tsp honey and 2-3 ball of peppercorns
  • Garlic– It also anti-viral properties. Add garlic in food or consume it raw. You can consume it with honey to get more benefits and to improve the taste.
  • Berries– Berries have strong anti-oxidants, it also helps the body fight against viral and fungal infections.
  • Coconut Oil– Lauric and caprylic acid present in coconut is also an immunity booster, use cold pressured coconut oil to cook food or eat raw coconut.
  • Ginger – Ginger also has anti-viral properties. Consume it with food or raw.

Other Ways To Boost Immunity

There are many reasons for decline body immunity, conventional medicines that we consume for every small health issue is one of the major reasons. The best way to improve immunity is opting naturopathy for treatment of different health issues. Naturopathy treats the cause of disease by activating cells, tissues, glands and stimulating its function. The LPRM Neurotherapy is one of the best Naturotherapy for boosting immunity. Neurons, glands are activated in Neurotherapy by Neurotherapist that increases body self-defence and self-healing mechanism. To know more how Neurotherapy can help you fight against virus attack, visit our centre Dr Kumar Lifestyle Center or call us for a home consultation.

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