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All alternative therapies work on our psychophysical health and treat our mental and physical illness by channelizing our own energy. In today’s time, stress has become part of our working life and affects our health to a great extent. Specifically for professionals, when someone has to handle multiple situations simultaneously, stress is the main area of concern. Did you know stress is not always a negative term? In fact, to perform any activity well, a certain amount of stress called working and motivational stress is required. However, in cases when it multiplies and crosses its limit, it becomes the reason for non-performance. There are many ways to keep such stress under control and to avoid over stressed situations. Below listed are a few alternative therapies being practised for years now but are very useful and effective in today’s time as well:

Yoga therapy:

Stress is not always mental, many a time it is physical too. Yoga is an effective way of dealing with both mental and physical stress. The focus of Yoga is always on cleansing the body and mind; thereby establishing a balance and stability. For office-goers engaging in stretching and balancing asanas (exercise) for 10 to 15 minutes; meditation for 5 to 15 minutes; deep breathing for 10 minutes can do wonders in keeping stress at bay. Meditation and deep breathing are equivalent to the refresh and restart process of a computer. Just like all the unused and open files close in the computer with these functions, your chemical balance gets normalized when you meditate and practice deep breathing. You can meditate with music or without music, at home, on a beach or in mountains or anywhere else. It is the simple process of being with yourself while just observing internal activities, movements, thoughts etc. without reacting. Deep breathing can be done by sitting in any posture or in a chair. It means inhaling and exhaling deeply, observing the breath and feeling all movements associated with the breath.

It is a self-performed ancient therapy, in which certain body points to be pressed with fingertips. These actions remove blockages of energy and normalize its flow. Acupressure activates the lymphatic system which is the body’s self-defense system. This age-old healing therapy that originated in China is now being used worldwide. It completely relaxes the body and mind.
The fragrances of the natural essential oils improve the positivity of the place where you live or work. By using these essential oils your sensory organs are affected which thereby impact the physiology and endocrine system. By stimulating your positive activities and thoughts with Aromatherapy both your mental and physical well being improves.

In the word Shirodhara: Shir means liquid and dhara means flow, it is an ancient Ayurveda therapy that involves pouring of warm liquids over the forehead. Due to the liquid’s warmth and vibration; the pituitary gland is activated and relaxes your mind. This is one of the fastest relieving therapies that can be used when the mind feels over stressed with problems. This therapy is also a preventive treatment.

Social therapy:
In the current time, isolation, emotional imbalance, limited social life are some major reasons that can cause stress easily. With professionals, this problem can be more serious because of the lack of time and emotional sharing. Attending social, charitable, spiritual events is itself a part of this therapy. When someone starts living in isolation, avoids meeting people or joining social events; that is the first sign of being overstressed and depressed. Having a sound friend circle to share your joyful and sorrowful moments is the best social therapy.

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(This article has been contributed by Dr K. Kumar, Chief Consultant and Founder of Dr Kumar’s Lifestyle Center)


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