Weight Loss and Health Management

Weight Loss and Health Management


First let’s understand few facts which we need to understand from weight management prospective.

• You don’t gain weight overnight so as weight loss also.
• Over eating is not the main reason of weight gain, it is irregular and imbalance eating.
• Calories doesn’t define your health, it is nutrition what your body absorb.
• Nutrition is not what you eat, it is what your body absorb.
• You always give shape to your body in your mind first.
• Health is a simple combination of your thinking+actions+eating.

Let’s understand few myths also which we need to understand from weight management prospective.

• I have stopped eating to lose weight.
• I am taking therapy and I don’t need to do physical activities or nutrition management for weight and health management.
• My weight is hereditary so I can’t do anything to manage it.
• Some supplement can lose your weight safely.
• Weight loss is a course to be done at slimming center.
• Starvation is fasting.
• Excess water intake help in weight loss.
• Mental status doesn’t matter for physical health.
• There is a safe short cut to weight loss.

Why someone put on weight, there may be several reason to it but how someone can balance weight there is a common way to it. Here I am mentioning weight balance not weight loss because again there may be several ways of losing weight, but we need to take care because there are such ways also where we lose health along with weight.

Thinking+Eating+Action= Health

Way to balanced health and weight starts from our thought process- every single though takes and gives us energy and that energy shape our body, we nourish that shape with food which we eat and regulate by our actions which we perform in day to day life including exercise, rest, work and sleeping.

Weight and Health Management

To understand this thought energy, let’s take a situation where a single thought fill us with immense energy and in other situation another thought takes all of our energy and left us totally exhausted.

This is invisible power of thoughts, even thoughts has more impact than the action which we do in our life. That is why in ashthang yoga this part in form of Yam and Niyama taken as 1st and 2nd limb of yoga because without practicing these two parts one can’t take the benefits of third part which is asana for physical body to covers action part.

As health is not just physical so as solution also. As per WHO it is state of balanced physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing.

At Dr kumar’s lifestyle center we understand this secret very well. We design our health program and treatments likeways so that you can get maximum and long lasting results out of our therapies and program.Tags: health management, weight management, Yoga, weight loss tips, weight loss therapy near me, weight loss therapy in Faridabad


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