Rock Salt Lamp-Remove negative energy



  • Remove negative energy from your house/office.
  • Helps in meditation.
  • Made of natural wood and rock salt.
  • Contains healing energy.
  • Useful in case of low energy, negative energy, stressful conditions.


Are you unable to concentrate, is your health deteriorating day by day, your child cannot focus on studies, you feel negativity in your house? Rock salt lamp is a simple solution for all these and many other issues. Place salt lamp in every room of your home and office to sweep out disturbances. The Himalayan salt lamp is so effective that you will start feeling its result just after a few days of its use.

We provide salt lamp for home and commercial spaces, and we have different sizes of lamps built for various sizes of space.

The standard lamp comes with large size crystals of Himalayan salt kept in the wood frame. A small bulb is there inside the lamp that emits beautiful and soothing pink light. People use the lamp for various purposes such as

  • For positivity at home and workplace
  • For good health and prosperity
  • As night lamp

Our advance is coherent with Vastu. Check prices of lamps and book it online to bring happiness and good health. Check prices of lamps and book it online to bring happiness and good health at your home.


Rock Salt Lamp: Its Health And Environmental Benefits

A positive atmosphere at home is essential to keep the indoor energizing and mind clam. This sets the tone for harmony in life and relationship. salt lamp helps in creating a positive atmosphere by producing ions that have health benefits. The lamp has been designed by experts in the field to create a positive surrounding. Have a look at how it works, its health benefits and why you should have it at home.


Health Benefits Of The Rock Salt Lamp


The Lamp Has Five Key Benefits


1. It Improves Indoor Air Quality –  salt has positive effects. Vastu also talks about the positive effects of rock salt. It improves air quality by producing negative ions that have multiple health benefits.

“Our surrounding atmosphere comprises positive and negative ions. The positive ions are molecules that have a vacancy of one or more electrons, while negative ions are primarily the oxygen atoms having extra negatively charged electron. The positive ions negatively affect the body, and negative ions have a positive effect. Our nature is full of negative ions, and this is the reason we feel good when we are close to nature.”

The cilia is a small hair like structure present in the windpipe of our body. A study done on the effect of positive ions on cilia says positive ions adversely affect the activity of the cilia, while negative ions stimulate cilia activity. salt lamp, by producing negative ions improves Cilia activity. It not only improves air quality but also enhances overall breathing.

2. It Boosts The Mood – A research was done on animals to understand the effect of negative ions on mood. The study showed that increased levels of negative ion in the atmosphere increased the level of serotonin in the blood. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood. salt lamp produces negative ions that help in mood boost. Another study says, when a patient is kept in an atmosphere having a high concentration of negative ions, they report improvement in mood. salt lamp and negative ions are interconnected.

3. Make Sleep Better – A relaxed and deep sleep is important for smooth body functioning. One cannot expect a good sleep in a stressful atmosphere. Rock salt lamp enhances sleep by improving air quality by reducing the effects and concentration of positive ions. Rock salt lamp as a night lamp is also an option that people aid good sleep. People suffering from insomnia have been benefited by the use of this lamp. Additionally, the presence of clean air indoor makes the sleep better. It also improves lungs functioning.

4. Reduce The Effect Of Radiation – It balances the electromagnetic radiations produced by different appliances such as television, cell phones, tablets, computers, etc.

5. Cleans The Air – Another amazing effect of salt lamp is a process called hygroscopy. Through this process, the rock salt lamp attracts and absorb the impure water molecule present in the air and convert it into the salt crystal. This process has an amazing effect on dust, cigarette smoke.


The Other Advantages Of Rock Salt Lamp

  • It raises the energy level by making the surrounding atmosphere positive
  • It helps in improving concentration because negative ions produced from rock salt lamp increases blood and oxygen flow to the brain
  • It sharpens creativity
  • The negative ions producing salt lamp also reduce stress by keeping the mind calm.

Components Of Rock Salt Lamp

The salt lamp is composed of three elements rock salt, a wooden frame and light.

The salt in the lamp is pink Himalayan salt harvested from Pakistan. The salt chunks in the lamp are millions of years old. The minerals present in the salt gives it its distinct pink color.

The frame that holds rock salt chunks are made of wood. We provide two types of rock salt lamp. The first one is a general rock salt lamp having chunks of rock salt kept in a wooden frame and the second one is an advanced rock salt lamp. In the advance lamp, wood frame is made from a special type of wood and it cleanses by ten thousand mantras.

A small bulb is kept inside the lamp that emits soothing red and pink color from the lamp. The heat produced from bulb help in the emission of negative ions.


How Does Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp Work?

Rock salt has multiple benefits, Vastu also claims its effect and suggest using rock salt at home and other spaces to create a positive atmosphere. The rock salt lamp two ways :


  • The lamp pulls the particles that can also be allergens, pollutants and toxins
  • It releases negative ions in the air that gives multiple health benefits.

Buy Rock Salt Lamp At The Most Affordable Price

The salt lamp because of its stunning appearance and health benefits is trending these days. If its stunning appearance and positive effects amuse you and you want to buy a lamp for home or commercial use, then buy it from Dr. Kumar’s Lifestyle Center. We have lamps in different sizes and range. You can place an order for the lamp online or buy it from the center.

We provide naturopathy treatment and strongly believe in positivity and health benefits of living in a positive atmosphere. Our  salt lamp creates an atmosphere that is soothing, calm and free from negative ions. It is perfect for home and office. Buy rock salt lamp for home, office and other places and see its magical effect on your health and work.


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