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Physiotherapy clinic near me Provides The Best Treatment For Pain

Are you in pain and looking for a solution? Book your appointment at the nearest physiotherapy centre and get a consultation from a physiotherapist. It is one of the wisest choices to treat pain by physiotherapy. For consultation and treatment, find the best physiotherapy centre near me Faridabad, Gurgaon, Delhi and NCR and visit.

Here, experts provide a tailored treatment plan to the patient to understand their condition and body need.

When You Should Consult A Physiotherapist?

Pain in the body is natural. You may witness sharp pain in certain parts of the body, frozen muscles, and painful joints at any point in time. Usually, this type of pain remains in the body for a short period. The primary cause of such pain is a sedentary lifestyle. If the same pain continues for a long period that is a week or two weeks, you should consult a physiotherapist.

A physiotherapist always recommends exercising daily and having an active healthy lifestyle to have a painless and flexible body. You should not use any unprescribed medication to get quick relief from the pain. The medication suppresses the symptom, but it does not work on the cause of the pain. So, you will get relief from the pain but it would not be permanent relief.

You should consult a physiotherapist when you are suffering from health issues that cause pain in joints and muscles, like arthritis, gout, partial or full paralysis, etc. Physiotherapy has treatment for all these conditions, and the therapy has set many examples of recovery from severe illnesses.

The benefits of physiotherapy are many, we have discussed this topic in detail on our other blog. So, here we talk about how physiotherapy treats chronic pains.

How Does Physiotherapist/Physical Therapists Treat The Pain? Physiotherapy is not all about exercise, it is extensive and subterranean. It is the amalgamation of many healing techniques. In physiotherapy, doctors plan therapeutic and normal exercise for the patient and combine this with passive treatment to get better and quick results. Niches of techniques are used in pain treatment depending on the condition, age and lifestyle of patients. Based on the process, the therapies in physical therapy divide into five types.

Exercise Therapy – Physiotherapy use exercise to treat pain. This is the basic treatment approach for handling and healing pain. Exercise strengthens muscles, and improves flexibility and movement. Although exercise is part of physiotherapy, however, it is not the same as what we do regularly. Physiotherapy exercises are therapeutic and science-based, they work on the body’s understanding of human physiology. Their concrete exercise plan with a set goal aid in faster recovery.

Aqua Therapy – Aqua therapy is also called Hydrotherapy. It is an ancient treatment method. Romans and Greeks used to take hot spring baths to improve circulation and relax. This treatment involves rehabilitation in water along with exercise. The therapy supports the rehabilitation of joints and muscles. It takes place in an aquatic environment like a pool. The primary advantage of aqua therapy is that those who are suffering from injury, chronic pain, or disability and are not able to do exercise on land can perform the same exercise in the water. Aqua therapy improves flexibility, coordination and balance, muscle endurance and strength, and aerobic activities, reduces stress and relax the body.

Mobilization Of Joints and Soft Tissues – Treatment of joints is available in physiotherapy. Using physical exercise, physiotherapy enhances body’s self-healing mechanism and stimulates smooth joints and soft tissue movement.

Acupuncture – Human body has numerous points that stimulate nerves, tissue and muscle function. In acupuncture therapy, a physiotherapist activates those points to relieve pain as well as to attain smooth movement. In acupressure, sharp needles are used for the treatment. Only specialized and trained professionals undertake this treatment. Acupuncture when combined with exercise, it gives excellent results.

Injection Therapy – In this therapy, the medical experts injects medicine or steroid directly at the injury point. Physiotherapists give this treatment according to the severity of pain and condition of the patient. The therapy takes 2-4 weeks to give the full results.


Physiotherapy is highly effective for all types of neuropathic and intense musculoskeletal pain. It alleviates the source of pain in the conditions such as

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Chronic headaches
  • Neuropathic pain

“Physical therapy in addition to treating the pain also guides patients on how to move safely with the pain to avoid further injuries.” Says Tom Watson PT and DPT, clinical director of Peak Performance Physical Therapy in Bend.

How Does Physical Therapy Exercise Alleviate Pain?

Regular exercise makes the body fit by strengthening muscles, bones and soft tissues. A physiotherapist plans a set of exercises for patients taking into account the injury or pain he is in, then work on it to treat it. The therapeutic exercises that a physiotherapist gives increase muscle strength, bring stability to joints, and improve joint and muscle flexibility.

So, if the pain in any part of your body is giving you a tough time in bed, don’t treat it with heating pads and medication, take the help of a physiotherapist in Faridabad and say it goodbye.

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