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Know Different Therapies Available To Treat Paralysis
According to a study done in 2013, in the country like the United States, one in 50 people suffer from paralysis. The paralysis statistic of India is also lousy. It is much higher than the western countries. The commonest cause is large vessel intracranial atherosclerosis, and common risk factors are diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension.

What Is Paralysis?
Brain, never system or spinal cord and the body organ are in sync with each other. Brain passes messages to the body with a chain of action. When there is damage or disturbance in this system, it causes disturbed or obstructed signalling. This results in paralysis of muscle or a group of muscle. The eventual suffer from paralysis are muscles, but in paralysis, the problem lies somewhere in the chain of the nervous system.

Different Types and Degree of Paralysis
Partial Paralysis  In this condition, the person has some amount of control on their muscles
Permanent Paralysis  In this condition, a person never gets back control on their muscles
Complete Paralysis  In this condition, a person is unable to move his/her muscle completely
Temporary Paralysis – In this condition, the control on all muscles of the body resumes after a time.
Flaccid – This is a condition when muscles get shrink or flabby
Spastic – In this condition, the muscles become tight and hard and jerks
The paralysis can be localized and generalized. The localized paralysis is one that affects only a certain part of the body, such as face, feet, hands, and generalized is the one that affects a wider area of the body. It is further broken down into many other depending on the part of the body it is affecting.

What Are The Main Causes Of Paralysis?
One of the major causes of paralysis is stroke. In the U.S., it contributes to 30 per cent of the cases. The second major cause of paralysis is spinal cord injury. This contributes to 23 per cent of cases. And the third major reason is multiple sclerosis, it contributes to 17 per cent of cases. The causes are cerebral palsy, post-polio syndrome, birth defect, neurofibromatosis and traumatic brain injury. The same is in India and other countries as well.

Treatment Plan For Paralysis
There is treatment present for paralysis, sometimes it is completely treatable and sometimes partial. The treatment of the plan depends on the cause of paralysis. Different therapies are present that could be used to treat it. Some of the effective and result oriented therapies are
Exercise Therapy – This is the basics of a healing process. There are two types of exercise, active and passive. The active exercise involves movement of muscles, self. The passive exercise involves the use of the non-affected side to move muscles.
The passive exercise activates neuroplasticity. This is the process through which the brain rewires itself after the injury. Neuroplasticity spurs the brain to create a new pathway to regain movement in the affected part after stroke.
Ayurveda Therapy – Ayurveda has an excellent treatment for paralysis. Different therapies in Ayurveda include:
Panchakarma – This includes oleation alias Snehana, the affected is treated with massage, shirodhara, pichu, shirobasti, kayaseka with a specially formulated oil.
Second step – Symptom specific medicated oil is used for massage. It enhances blood circulation in the area and strengthens nerves and muscles.
Third step – Virechana alias purgation. The treatment aims to improve metabolism, strengthen the gut, relieve constipation, and improves nerves functioning in the affected area.
Basti – This is medicated enema that aims to nourish, strengthen and stabilize the complete body function. This is one of the most important parts of treatment.
Nasya Karma – This therapy strengthens the nerves and muscles and also improves circulation in the upper shoulder.
Naturopathy Therapy – Naturopathy therapy also addresses the paralysis symptoms and aids in faster healing by washing out the toxins present in the body, improved lifestyle and inculcating positive thoughts.
Electro Therapy – In Electrotherapy, electro-stimulation is given to the patient to stimulate the paralyzed brain. This therapy when combined with exercise therapy delivers excellent results.
Marma Therapy – Marma therapy uses orthopedic and neuromuscular science to treat paralysis.
Yoga Therapy – Yoga therapy is one of the most effective therapies for the treatment of paralysis. The yoga has various asanas that regenerate various nerve cells as well as cells in different parts of the body.

The Best Treatment Center For Paralysis In Faridabad
Dr Kumar Lifestyle centre is one of the most renowned establishments that provide successful treatment for paralysis in Faridabad. The health experts present here adopts the holistic approach for treatment, that includes various therapies along with diet therapy to treat the condition.
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