Naturopathy Treatment

Naturopathy Treatment

Naturopathy is a healing system that uses nature to heal the body and mind. It is an amalgamation of several therapies that include- Mud therapy, Hydro Therapy, Diet-Nutrition, Chromo therapy etc. It is a healing science that formulated in Germany around 18th century is quite new if the formulation is taken into consideration but the methods it uses are centuries old. In the modern world of 21st century, naturopathy offers you a healing that blends old healing traditions with modern curing technology.

Naturopathy aims to heal the person completely and has a holistic approach when it comes to treating someone. It works on healing the three main components of an individual- Body, Mind and Spirit. Naturopathy follows these key principles to heal a person and they are as follows:

  • Power of nature- Body has a great ability to keep in sync and balance with nature. Our body is made up of five natural elements and having a balance in these five elements is the key to good health.
  • Identify the cause and then fix it- Naturopathy believes in going into the depths of a disease rather than just treating the symptoms. Treating symptoms is just a superficial approach and the healing doesn’t last long. For complete cure, the cause of the disease must be tackled and fixed.
  • Doing no harm- Naturopathy makes sure it doesn’t suppress the symptoms rather it cures the root cause. It has an approach that is gentle and has no side effects.
  • Teaching the patient- Physicians practicing naturopathy not only treat the patients but also take up the responsibility of teaching the patient and making them aware of better diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • Holistic approach- Naturopathy firmly believes in treating the person and not just the disease. It’s basic principle is treating the person who is harboring the disease and not just the disease.
  • Prevention is better than cure- Naturopathy firmly believes in the age old quote- Prevention is better than cure. It stresses more on living a healthier lifestyle and becoming a healthy person than treating yourself when one suffers the perils of a disease.

Naturopathy is a healing science that firmly believes in these six principles and its working and functioning primarily depend on them. Though there have been advancements in the field but the foundation lies in these six principles.

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