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Mental Health Treatment

Think, Attract, Create

Mental Health Treatment :UNIVERSE is the flowing energy…moving body in which all the souls are floating. We very well know that this big body of elements and energy responds to our thoughts. For better understanding ” What I think; I attract; I create, can be the leading lines for u which further implies- What u think, u energize that thought more and more constantly and u create it soon for yourself. Example- if u have the belief that ” I m a healthy person and my health is always good, so giving immense energy to this the thought would help the universe to manifest it soon for u and so more of such situations which will empower your health and more would become part of your life, where u will always feel healthy and fit. As whatever we think either + or – that is positive or negative gets energized and sooner is manifested by the universe to make it true for you.

That is why, you should be in awareness of your thoughts, as thoughts are the most powerful in this whole magical universe and wherever we bring our attention, energy starts flowing there and it stands true for us. ” The secret” movie beautifully depicts the law of attraction, and never-ending books and series by Louise L. Hay a great and magnificent healer, whom I personally admire, explains this concept beautifully well. She talks on different topics such as inviting abundance in different areas of life like health, happiness, growth, prosperity, love with workbooks, activities, therapies, skill techniques wherein a person can understand, apply and become aware of the thoughts and how to create and manifest it in your life. She herself had a history of illness, all the wrongs in her life and sufferings had happened to her since her childhood, by her family, in her marriage. But with her learning, she gathered her strength, courage and united herself to release all her past by different healing techniques that she developed and applied beautifully on herself and then she started her healing journey for others too through which she healed her life and billions of others.

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Many other books and stories on the law of attraction could be found by you which brings to u more clarity and effectiveness.

When u start becoming aware of your thoughts, be very careful not to energize the negative thoughts in order to not invite them in your life. Change it and turn it to healthy healing and energized thoughts, u can very easily do it as they will create your future and will uplift u in a miraculous way. The universe is there to heal u, it just responds to what u say. You can empower yourself by just being positive and encouraging healthy and happy thoughts for yourself and others, which will automatically increase your AURA, your energy level abundantly and help to heal you as healthy thoughts will create a healthy mind. Now when u know how it works, be in awareness; be in consciousness.

By Kritika Kapoor Shridhar

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