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How to lose weight in 7 days? Opt For Colon Hydrotherapy

How to lose weight in 7 days

The marriage season is on, and you must be wanting to look your best in the dress that you wore at your wedding. But….. How will this happen, neither your body is same as it was three years back nor the dress has enough margin. Sad! Isn’t it?

Your friend or husband might have suggested you ‘lose some weight’ so that you can fit in your favourite old dress. And you also know; that this is the only way, but the matter is, how to lose weight in such a short time?

This question might seem obvious to you, but it is not for us. Because, we know the way to lose weight in just a week time, and here we are sharing the same knowledge with you. With our advanced lose weight technique you can easily shred up to 9 kgs not in a year, a month, but, in a week time. The name of this technique is colon hydrotherapy. Colon hydrotherapy helps you in quick weight loss, that too without medicine, surgery, diet or exercise. So, take a deep breath, know more about colon hydrotherapy, and how to lose weight in 7 days this therapy helps in losing weight.

First of all, it is not a new technique

It is an ancient technique for colon cleansing and it is everywhere. It is just like the enema but here water is used for the treatment instead of soap. Ancient Egyptians were using this technique to clean the colon, and they used to administer this procedure in the rivers.

How Does Colon Hydrotherapy Help In Weight Loss?

We are surrounded by toxins. These toxins make its way into our body without our knowledge. Our digestive system works round the clock to flush these toxins, but the body’s whole cleansing system is not equipped to deal with such a large amount of it, and therefore, it requires support. Colon hydrotherapy removes all built-up from the rectum, hard stool, stored toxins, etc. So, there is no wonder that people who take this therapy lose up to 3-4 kgs during the process.

After that, therapy boosts the weight loss process by treating constipation and increasing absorption of nutrients from the food we eat.

During colon hydrotherapy, therapists suggest fibre rich diet to patients to support the cleansing process, this again helps in weight loss. Post therapy also, patients are advised by therapists to eat light and fibre rich food that support change in the digestive system, this is also a reason the patients tend to lose weight after the treatment.

Additionally, If patients change their food habit and follow the same diet pattern, after that, then they can further lose weight and continue losing weight until they get their desired shape.

This weight loss therapy is the best for those people who are gaining weight because of constipation. The therapy address constipation effectively and helps in weight loss.

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Side Effects Of Colon Hydrotherapy Weight Loss

This therapy is painless and chemical-free. Water treated with herbs is infused in in colon via the anal opening that softens hard stool and toxin buildup. It then causes contractions in the colon that flush out waste through the bowel movement. Hence, this therapy does not have any kind of side effects.


Benefits Of Colon Hydrotherapy | How to lose weight in 7 days.

In addition to weight loss, colon hydrotherapy offers many other advantages. The top ones are

  1. Improves Digestive System– A clean colon works more effectively. After cleaning, the body starts removing toxins more efficiently than before.
  2. Prevents Constipation– In constipation, waste stay in the body for a longer time causing sluggish digestion. This increases the risk of many health issues. The common one is varicose vein, haemorrhoids.
  3. Boost Energy– After colon hydrotherapy, people feel an increased energy level. There are several reasons for that from increased good absorption of food nutrients to less formation of toxins in the body.
  4. Improves Concentration– Waste buildup in the colon, poor diet, ineffective absorption of food in the stomach and other reasons divert the brain focus and thus impact concentration. After taking the colon hydrotherapy, people say they are witnessing improved concentration.
  5. Lower Risk Of Colon Cancer– Presence of waste in the body disturb the functioning of vital organs. This is also a reason for colon cancer. Colon hydrotherapy by removing buildup waste in the colon, revive good bacterial growth making the colon healthy and removing any chance of infection.
  6. Keep The pH Balance – Foodstuff that causes blockage in the colon are acidic. This type of food cause colon inflammation, which disturb its function. The abnormal colon fails to perform well and start allowing toxins to get into the bloodstreams, and when toxins get into the bloodstream, it disturbs the body pH.
  7. Improves Complete Health– By cleaning waste and toxins from the body, colon hydrotherapy not only help in weight loss but also improves the complete health of the body.
  8. Increase Fertility– Colon cleansing when paired with healthy food choices and increased fibre intake, help in keeping the body weight under control. Fat is estrogen-based, too much amount of fat in the body can be a hindrance in conceiving. Colon cleansing cleans all buildup in colon, toxin, harmful bacterias that affect sperms, eggs and other reproductive organs as well. A study of naturopath says when both partners take colon hydrotherapy, fertility improves.

Find The Best Colon Hydrotherapist In Faridabad

For quick weight loss, colon therapy is best, it has no side effects and you don’t feel weakness after the treatment. However, to get the best results of this therapy, you should take treatment from certified and trained therapists. If you are searching a good colon hydrotherapist, visit Dr. Kumar Lifestyle Center. We have years of experience in the same field. We provide the best therapy and have a 100 per cent success rate.

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