How much you care about yourself

How much you care about yourself?



How much you care about yourself? Hmmmm more than anything? Isn’t it? Then let me ask you a question, do you care for you more than your car even?

Let’s see and compare your love with yourself V/s Your Car.

Events Car Maintenance Schedule which you follow Your health maintenance schedule which you follow Recommended schedule for your health
1 you fill pure and suitable fuel you hardly think about this when you eat or drink You should eat well, that means to your nutritional intake based on your needs.
2 You do Scheduled maintenance after every 10k Km or 6 month whichever is earlier You do Almost nothing on this part. You should also get your body serviced on regular intervals to prevent breakdown situations, that includes detoxification, mental retreat, and counselling and health checkup.
3 Regular washing, cleaning, rubbing and polishing. Nothing other than daily routine bath. It is very necessary for you to keep natural secretion of the body active in terms of auto cleansing, for that physical exercise, massage, rubbing, steam bath, nasal cleansing should be done actively and on regular basis.
4 Alignment after every 5k km Always stresses and misaligned, you hardly do anything to handle this situation. The kind of environment we are living in, this is very important to be stress free, focused and mentally aligned with body. Counselling, meditation sessions, outing and retreats are very helpful in this.
5 Accidental repairs as and when needed. For your body and mind you always move for treatment when you have any trauma, disease and pain. Do not wait for this stage and be on best of preventive path. Still in case of any trauma or accidental condition always rely upon specialist and always get to know about your problem and its treatment from a specialist only.

With the help of this chart now you can rate your love for yourself. It is strange but true that until unless we don’t have any physical and mental disorder we never find it worthy to think about our physical and mental health. In condition where we don’t have any exposed health problem or disease,   We always assume that nothing can happened with us.

Naturopathy, yoga and Ayurveda are based on these principles where detoxification, purification and prevention is in the soul of these traditions.

Naturopathy itself says that every disease has a common cause which is the deposition of foreign matters in the body and treatment is to remove and clean the body from inside.

Yoga philosophy also emphasize on satkarma first to clean the body and then the thoughts and body thereafter.

Ayurveda also focused on internal cleansing through panchkarma.

Dr. Kumar’s Lifestyle centre works on this concept only, and consider their centers as a human service centers. You come to us and get your body and mind serviced. The kind of environment we are living in today, there is no other option left other than the active and preventive health care through traditional and alternative medicine way. These are authentic, tested and proved methods to maintain human health.

We have designed our center in a way where you just come once and you will get all services like:

  • Diet and nutrition guide
  • Detoxification
  • Physiotherapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Ayurveda
  • Counselling
  • Blood test

Under one roof. We have best of equipment and experts.

We have Colon hydro therapy which is the most advanced and effective way for fast detoxification. we simply analyze your health and design a health course just for you and give you preventive as well curative therapies accordingly. We always be with you and assist you to maintain your best of health beside all Social environment challenges.Tags: alternative medicineAyurvedaBlood testCounsellingDetoxificationNaturopathypanchkarmaYoga therapy

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