Corona virus | Three-Step Sanitization Help Fight Back COVID-19 Infection

Corona virus disease : Are you also anxious about COVID-19 infection, looking for the solution to safeguard you and your family? With no vaccine presently available against the new strain of corona virus COVID-19, and social media has been awash with unconvinced theories and health advice, people have been living in the state of fear. However, there is nothing to worry about, COVID-19 infection can be fought back by three-step sanitization.

Step One – Disinfect Your Home/Office

Either you are living in the infected area or you are working there, or even if not, disinfection of home and office is the first step of sanitization. This is because COVID-19 positive people show symptoms after 2-14 days of infection. So, you never know who is the carrier of strain have accessed your home or office. In this situation, regular home and office sanitization proved as life-saving. Get the disinfectant fumigation service from service providers and get every corner of your home/office clean. There are many service providers present who are offering Coronavirus disinfectant fumigation service for home, offices and other spaces. In Delhi/NCR and Faridabad, you can contact Dr. Kumar Lfe Style Centre for the same.

We are using the certified Corona virus disinfectant to sanitize home and office at a very competitive price. Our disinfectant is effective on viruses present in air and surfaces. It is hundred percent bio-degradable and doesn’t cause any harm to human and other object coming in contact with it. We are offering the disinfectant fumigation service for different sizes of place. The benefits of disinfecting home/office are

  • You can relax in your home without any stress and fear
  • Work in office stress-free
  • Ensure the safety of office staff
  • With the fumigation technique, you make every corner of your home and office virus free.

Step Two – Disinfect Every Surface

After disinfecting your home and office, you ensured no virus strain is present in the air and surface in your surroundings. The second step of sanitization is cleaning every surface that you touch using alcohol-based wipes or regular cleaning spray frequently. Ask every person entering your home for any work to first clean their hands with soap thoroughly.

Step Three – Follow Basic Sanitization Practice

Follow the basic personal sanitization practice according to the Government’s guidelines. The guidelines are

  • Clean your hands thoroughly with soap for 20 seconds frequently
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizers frequently when soap is not available to clean hands
  • Maintain 3-meter distance from people
  • Avoid coming in close contacts with people
  • Avoid shaking hands
  • Do not touch unclean surfaces in open
  • Do not touch the face with unclean hands
  • If coughing or sneezing, cover your face with a tissue or use a hanky
  • Avoid visiting public places until necessary.
  • Boost your immunity : Neurotherapy

By following these three steps sanitization techniques, you can protect yourself and your family from COVID-19 attack. In addition to that, drink an adequate amount of water, increase the intake of Vit C and add immunity-boosting foods in your diet.

For home and office sterilization, contact Dr Kumar Life Style Centre. We are providing round the clock fumigation service in Delhi/NCR for home and offices.Tags: Corona VirusCorona virus  in delhiCorona virus diseaseCorona Virus in indiaSanitization

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