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Corona virus : It is the time of India, though it took long, but corona virus made its way in the country, and have infected many people. The impact of this virus has been life-threatening in many cases in various countries,  however, the people of India, especially those living in Delhi/NCR (The most hit part of India) this is not the time to panic. We have come up with many measures to restrict corona entry in our life. One of the most effective way is sanitizing home and offices using disinfectant. Nocospray is a powerful disinfectant that kills coronaviruses. You sterilize your home once, and stay safe and secure inside. Do it regularly, if living in an infected area. Nocospray, kills Corona at the entry gate.

Features Of Our  Disinfectant

  • It kills viruses present in air and surfaces both. The corona virus stay on the surface and thus the disinfectant is effective on corona virus.
  • It is biodegradable, therefore, leaves no residue after application.
  • It is non-allergic, non-corrosive and safe for children as well.
  • It has lethal effect on virus, mould, spores, bacteria and yeast.
  • Our disinfectant has received all certifications to kill coronavirus
  • Coronavirus is sensitive to H2O2 and our disinfectant has the same in safe proportion that acts on virus while remain safe on others.

Get your home and offices sterilize once or regularly till the threat of corona get over. Call us to know more or to take our service.

China Is Using Disinfectant Spray Day And Night To Combat Coronavirus  

Spraying disinfectants is one of the best preventive measure to get rid of coronavirus. China is using both quarantine and spray methods to control this outbreak. And, its efforts is showing a positive result. According to the reports, government has ordered to spray disinfectants not once, twice but four or five times in a day to remove contamination. The demand for disinfectant in China is so high that disinfectants manufacturers are working at their full capacity to meet the requirement. The positive result of spraying is that, Coronavirus impact is reducing in China.

We can also use this method and move without any fear in home and office.

Preventative Measures Are More Effective On Corovirus Impact

The coronavirus has infected human for the first time, and therefore, no antidote of this virus is present with any treatment methods. Antibiotics are not effective on it as it is a virus and antivirals are viral specific, so it they are not effective on coronavirus. Therefore, people with low resistance are failing to handle its infection and losing their life. In short, we cannot do anything after this virus get into our body, except taking medicines that have minimal effect on it.  So, the best way to stop this virus hitting us is killing it outside the body. Preventive measures like, spraying disinfectants, cleaning hands and body frequently with alcohol based sanitizers, strengthening immunity are some of the ways to kill this virus and stop its dispersal.

There are many other preventive measures you can take to protect your family from Coronavirus impact, such as

  • Step travelling to infected areas for some time
  • Clean your hands as often as possible with alcohol based hand sanitizers.
  • Avoiding contact with people suffering from cold and cough
  • Wearing mask outside
  • Eating food that helps in improving immunity : Neurotherapy
  • Dr. Kumar Lifestyle Center is a place where you can find all types of alternative treatment that emphasis on strengthening body’s self healing mechanism and strengthens body’s immunity. We provide all types of services that will get you a healthy life.

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