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20 Amazing Tips That Will Make Your 2020 Holi A Blissful One

Holi festival in india

Holi festival in india : Only a counted number of days has been left for Holi. And, just like every year, by now, you must be busy planning the 2020 Holi. Whilst you are busy making plans to make 2020 Holi more vibrating and colourful than last year, we want to pull your attention to last year’s problem you faced post Holi! Damage skin, rough hairs, upset stomach, so that, you don’t repeat the last year’s mistake and have a blissful time.

Here are some tips, you can follow to make your 2020 Holi celebration a delight, both before and after. The tips will help in doing skin care for holi, hair care and stomach care.

Pre and Post Holi Safety Tips

Pre and Post Holi Safety Tips


The holi festival in India is known as the festival of colours. There is excitement in the air, cheerful faces, galore of colour, all over. In this fervour of holi, it is next to impossible to stay untouched from beautiful hues. And we all know, what colours are these days. No matter what sellers say about colours, it contains skin sensitive chemicals. These chemicals, coming in contact with our skin, make enormous damage, and if you will face it on bare skin, you can imagine the consequences. Itching, rashes, blisters are some of the common problems that you might face because of the same. So, prepare a defensive mechanism to face this heat by doing the following things, and not let anything come between you and the holi fun. The tips are

  1. Moisturize the whole body with oil or good moisturizer before the Holi night. Oil or moisturizer will fill the pores on the skin and will act as a protective layer. Mustard oil, the essential oil is the best to apply on the body and face.
  2. Oil your hair in a way that it gets a thick coating of it. The oil will make a protective cover on hair and will not let hairs absorb colours.
  3. On the day of Holi, again massage oil on hair and moisturize your whole body
  4. Wear full sleeves clothes so that you have a minimum uncovered portion on the body.
  5. Put moisturizer near eyes, elbows, as these are sensitive area and colour does not come out easily from here. Presence of grease will not let colour pigments to settle down in the skin, making it removal easier.
  6. Trim your nails so that no one gets hurt because of it and also colours pigments do not get settled in it. Colour deposits on nails do not come out easily.
  7. Tie your hairs properly after applying oil
  8. If you are celebrating Holi in open, there are chances of skin tanning. To protect skin from tanning, apply sunscreen on face and open skin before going out, this will protect the skin from the Sun.
  9. India has a custom of preparing many cuisines on the festival, Holi is no different. Special dishes of Holi are malpua and gujiya. If you are on weight loss, don’t eat too much of it. Portion control is important to manage calories.
  10. And even if you are not on a diet, remember to control yourself and avoid overeating.
  11. Eat only homemade sweets and foods


remove the colour from skin safely

Once you have played Holi, it is the time to remove the colour from skin safely. If you look at the history of Holi, people had been using only the natural colours like haldi, gulal (Colours extracted from flowers) but now, things have changed. Now, the colours are full of chemicals and heavy metals. If it will be left over the skin for a long time, it might cause various skin and health issues. Therefore, quick and safe removal of colour is important.

Because you have applied a good amount of moisturizer or oil on your skin, thus, colours will not get into the pores of the skin. You can easily remove it using mild soap or face wash.

  1. Take the help of packs or uptan to remove colour. Don’t rub the skin too much, it might cause rashes or other skin issues.
  2. Use only one or two rounds of soap or face wash to removal colour.
  3. Use mild shampoo to remove the colour from hair.
  4. If you have taken any chemical treatment on hairs, use only recommended shampoo for cleaning colour residues.
  5. If you have taken the hair treatment just a few days before, don’t play with colour or cover the entire hair, so that, no colour comes in contact with the hair.

Day After Holi

skin and rough hair issue after Holi

You must have felt dry skin and rough hair issue after the festival even after removing all traces of colour from your body. This is because of the side effects of colour.

Also, Holi comes in March, this is the time of season transformation. At this time, our skin becomes more sensitive and it requires extra care. On the contrary, we exposed it to harmful colours, so give a nice pampering to your skin.

  1. Take body or face massage from professionals to revive skin.
  2. The same rule applies to hairs as well. Choose a good spa centre where you can take both services. This will give you wonderful results and make you ready to attend your guests with cheer on the face.
  3. Take detox diet to remove all toxins and waste entered in your body on the day of the festival.
  4. Wear full sleeves light fabric for a few days if any skin issue has been developed because of colours side effect.

Holi is the festival of colour and the history of holi is very rich. It strengthens the bond of love and brotherhood. You would be able to feel the true enthusiasm of Holi only when you will have a wonderful experience of it ‘pre and post-festival’. Our tips will surely help you with the same.

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Enjoy the Holi festival in India not worrying about skin and hair damage, the festival comes once in a year, so get soaked in colour, enjoy sweets and delicacies and have a fun time with friends and family.

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