Most people associate stress only with emotional discomfort, which is untrue. An adverse situation causes your body to be overstretched, resulting in stress. Stress creates harmful reactions in the body when a person cannot adapt to it.

Types of Stress

  1. Physical Stress
  2. Psychological Stress
  3. Psycho-Social Stress
  4. Psycho-Spiritual Stress
  • To be considered a source of physical stress, anything that hinders the functions of the body can be referred to as a physical strain on the body, such as surgery, injury, exhaustion, pollution, hunger, substance abuse, and toxicity. 
  • Anxiety, depression, hallucinations, anxiety, and excessive anger are among the emotional factors that cause psychological stress. 
  • In addition to social problems and stigma, loneliness, loss of loved ones, financial problems, bullying, etc., psychosocial stress can be caused by a variety of factors.  
  • Psycho-spiritual stress results from disapproval of a spiritual belief, unhealthy fasting, religious crisis, or social backlash.

Reduce Stress with Naturopathy

Having a lot of stress affects the whole body, causing heart disease, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, and even depression. As the early diagnosis of stress is vital to preventing damage to the body, the reaction of stress to the body differs from person to person.

In Naturopathy, healing is approached holistically. The treatment of stress in Naturopathy takes into account the psychosomatic factors of the disease condition, treating the patient’s overall well-being. The sources of stress in our lives are difficult to control, but stress relief treatments like naturopathy can help us manage it effectively.


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