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Ambitious Expansion Drive

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We are Offering Comprehensive Health & Wellness Solution in the area of

Dr. Kumar Lifestyle Centre has a proven and successful track record of offering natural and Ayurvedic health and wellness solutions to their users. After witnessing immense appreciation and a huge demand for natural products, Dr. Kumar Lifestyle Centre is continuing with its expansion plans to penetrate deeper into the world through franchising as per the following franchise facts.

Nutraceutical and Ayurvedic Products

Financial Snapshot

Expansion ModelsBasicAdvancedHybrid
Area Required200 sq. ft.500 sq. ft.700 sq. ft.
Total InvestmentINR 9-10 LakhsINR 20 LakhsINR 25 Lakhs
Average Payback22-24 Months21-23 Months25-27 Months
Average ROI65%65%65%
Franchise FeeINR 2 LakhsINR 3 LakhsINR5 Lakhs
Agreement Period5 Years5 Years5 Years

Note: Total Investment includes complete setup cost, inventory and franchise fee.

Preferable Partner Profile

Comprehensive Franchisor Support

Dr. Kumar Lifestyle Centre (the franchisor) is committed to offering strategic support to its franchise partners at all levels to ensure mutual growth and profitability.

Site selectionInventory management
Store design & executionRegular training program
Inventory planningCorporate marketing plans
Product sourcingResearch & Development
Product trainingQuery Management
Launch marketing planIT support

Reasons to Invest in Dr. Kumar Lifestyle Centre

Even after increasing awareness towards nutrition and herbal diet concept, availability & reliability of good products still is a big challenge.
There we are to fill this gap and brought up a unique concept of “Health Shop” where all health relatedproducts across the various sections shall be available under one roof to fulfill personalized health needs. Dr. Kumar Lifestyle Centre offers a plethora of other reasons to invest in their brand, which are:

Safe & All-Natural Practices to Fulfil Your Goals

Everyone has a unique health and wellness story, changing throughout their lifetime. Based on this  understanding, our approach to health and wellness is holistic. Dr. Kumar’s health and wellness products are personalized and tailor-made where someone can create their own roadmap to optimal living.

Under the guidance of Dr. Kumar, the brand has expertise in world-renowned processes of Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Diet and Nutrition. The experts at Dr. Kumar’s Lifestyle Centre assess the need as per season, demography, age, gender and health conditions and accordingly develop & select the products for “Health Shop” which shall be easily available to everyone without any challenge.

The brand wants to inspire and motivate their users to engage in the practice of health and wellness,
Regardless of the challenges they may face. Dr. Kumar’s lifestyle center works on the concept of health at your convenience.

We Become What We Eat

Dr. Kumar Lifestyle Centre has brought the finest plant-based nutrients to boost your health & fitness and take it to a new level. Based on our experience on present health conditions, the team has researched diverse plants and their products to obtain Nutraceuticals and world-class products that are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The brand has brought the same for you, packed, unharmed and following the highest hygiene standards, so that nothing is lost when you open the pack. The wide range of nutrition and herbal products will help you in meeting the nutritional needs of different age groups and health conditions that often remain un-fulfilled by a normal diet.