Chromo Therapy

Dr. Kumar’s lifestyle centre is a naturopathy centre that believes in going the natural way to treat modern day illness and diseases. And one of the methods we employ to fulfil our objectives is – Chromotherapy. Colour is used by us to balance the physical, mental, and spiritual energies of a person.

Chromo therapy – Healing with specific colors

Colors affect the behavior of people in multiple ways. Some colors are known for having soothing effects on your mind, while others can stimulate our physical and mental activities. Not many people are aware of this fact, but colors do play a significant role in our regular life. In fact, colors can predominantly affect the human body and mind. Moreover, they have special properties as well. Color therapy for chromotherapy has gained vast popularity in the last few years and today, it is sought after as one of the most effective treatments.

How color therapy is utilized for healing?

Chromo therapy is known to be an ancient healing form that used to be prevalent in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Generally, this healing technique combines colors and lights to treat mental and physical ailments. It is known to be a rapidly growing sector in the world of natural health. It is effective in treating disorders and illnesses, elevating pain, addressing mental and emotional conditions as well as maintaining better health.

How the chromo therapy technique is executed?

Just like any other treatment, it begins with identifying the appropriate cause of the physical and mental issue you are suffering from. Counseling is the most preferable method of a color therapist where you will be asked about your favorite colors. They can assist you in understanding the significance of specific colors and how they can vastly impact your life from the aspect of inspiration, healing, health, and relaxation.


What are the advantages of chromo therapy?

In the universe, light is considered as the purest force of healing. Absence and presence of light can affect the pituitary, hypothalamus, and pineal glands. In turn, this can influence our mental and physical health. In the following section, we will discuss multiple benefits of using the color therapy:

  • Pain-free and entirely safe for adults children, and elderly people
  • The physical symptoms of a particular element can be addressed, along with the nonphysical origin
  • Balancing the chakras present in our body
  • Helps in relaxation and meditation; can enlighten as well as transform a person
  • Creates a positive influence on the physical, mental as well as spiritual level
  • Eliminates the blockages caused due to emotional reasons even before they can manifest in the form of physical or mental illness

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, one can use chromotherapy for improving awareness as well as understanding the importance of including specific colors in their regular lives. In addition, it assists in the natural healing of our body, ensuring overall well being.

Significant colors preferred in chromotherapy

This color signifies wisdom. Mental deficiency can be relieved with the use of this particular color, especially when concentrated on a specific body part.

It is the basic color for all types of healing. Green needs to be used at the starting and end of a therapy, irrespective of the ailment you are suffering from. It’s a safe color that you can apply from top to bottom or concentrated on a specific body part. This color should be taken from the midst of the spectrum – neither too yellow nor too blue.

This stimulating color is projected on kidneys liver, spleen as well as any other organ that assist in promoting better circulation. It should be applied for a maximum of 10 minutes.

The bright crimson red is said to be a more potent stimulator in comparison to orange. It should not be given on the head directly. It can bring miraculous results when concentrated on rheumatic joints. It is applicable on the knees, legs, and ankles for a maximum of 15 minutes.

This effective and potential color shade is applicable for the entire body. If a patient is suffering from high blood pressure, nervous breakdown or nervous tension, this shade can be applied for a maximum of 10 minutes for potential benefits.

The specific color shade is effective for the entire body. Although you can use it on the portion below the hips, but it’s advisable to use the spiritual content majorly on the forehead along with the front and back of the head, neck, and heart. You can use it on the shoulder blades, as well. Overall, it should be applied for a total of 15 minutes altogether.

Chromotherapy through your eyes

This is yet another vital aspect of color therapy that needs to be conducted carefully. It is nevertheless highly effective. Here, the colors are introduced through your eyes. We know the fact that whatever we see around us, affects us significantly. Most people fail to realize that the colors we see around us every day can affect the cells present in our bodies. For instance, if you keep someone who is prone to idiocy in a red color room, precipitate the condition. On the flip side, if you keep the same person in a blue color room, it might alleviate his condition.

As already mentioned above, color can be introduced through our eyes but needs careful execution. The green color can be introduced through our eyes safely. When the treatment is started, green is the basic color that is introduced to us. Efficiently undergoing the chromotherapy treatment needs to first look at the green color light for several minutes. It is followed by blue, violet and yellow; undeniably you will end up feeling a great inspirational effect on you. It is not suggestible to look at the rate of orange light because of its high potential vibration properties.

If the color lamp is too bright to view, leading to eye strain, it is essential that you put forth a diffusing screen. In case, if it’s completely impossible, you can project the light on a particular movie screen or a white sheet.

Chromotherapy equipment

The success of collaboration to a certain extent depends and color. purity as well as the power behind it. You can obtain the plastic color material from a theatrical equipment depot. It can be framed into any size in accordance with your requirement; it’s entirely heat resistant, sturdy and durable.

Color healing lamps

Chromotherapy or color therapy is an effective and safe treatment that can be continued on its own as well as in combination with other therapy and traditional medicines. Despite the method being followed for chromotherapy, it is vital to understand that it can affect the human body and mind strongly. Hence, it is advisable to seek out the assistance of a professional therapist who is qualified and certified to practice color therapy. At the same time, is also recommended to consult with a qualified medical doctor recognized as best Chromo-therapist in Faridabad before getting engaged in this kind of treatment. Book appoint with our therapist to know more or to begin the treatment process.


The success of collaboration to a certain extent depends and color. purity as well as the power behind it. You can obtain the plastic color material from a theatrical equipment depot. It can be framed into any size in accordance with your requirement; it’s entirely heat resistant, sturdy and durable.