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Asthma is a respiratory disorder characterised by constriction of the airways. This occurs when the body reacts to a stimulus, such as exposure to cold air, allergens in the air, mental stress, or strenuous exercise. When the airways constrict, patients have symptoms such as chest tightness, wheezing noises when breathing, coughing, and shortness of breath. DKLC provides entirely tailored asthma therapy, including medications, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Asthma is caused by an overabundance of vata (cold), eating kapha-stimulating foods, weakened lung tissues, and complications caused by lung disorders. Asthma is also influenced by environmental and lifestyle factors. Cold or stale meals are difficult to digest and cause the production of ama (mucus), producing an obstruction in the respiratory channel and trouble breathing. Asthma is also caused by living in a cold and moist environment.

Treatment of Asthma in Naturopathy

Patients receiving naturopathy treatments are given hot fomentation on the chest, back, and belly using a hot water bag. They are also given a gentle massage on the chest and back with heated mustard oil that has been cooked with garlic cloves. A lukewarm water enema is also advised. Every day, take a 15-minute hot foot bath. Steam baths, sauna baths, and sun baths can all assist to calm the body.

Relaxing the breathing muscles and restoring regular breathing can be accomplished by placing a heated, wrung-out towel over the chest. In case of a severe asthma attack, steam inhalation with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in water is also quite beneficial.

Singing to enhance diaphragmatic breathing, swimming to boost lung capacity, and postural exercises to strengthen the back and expand the chest are all highly helpful lifestyle measures.

Diet to be followed by Asthma Patient

Diet is an important component of naturopathy treatment; it prescribes dietary adjustments to avoid food allergies and reduce the incidence of asthma attacks.

Some therapeutic foods include:

Food that is low in fat and sugar
Vegetarian diet rich in alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables, as well as natural anti-inflammatory elements like omega-3

Whole grains and starchy vegetables are high in complex carbs.

Garlic, onion, almonds, walnuts, and green leafy vegetables are examples of foods that bring moisture to the lungs.

Bottle gourd, carrot, cabbage, bitter gourd, garlic, fenugreek, drumstick, carrot, lime, spinach, celery, and papaya are examples of vegetables.

Pranayam and Yoga

Yoga and Pranayama are essential components of naturopathic asthma treatment because they induce respiratory control for optimal health.

Build up your respiratory muscles.

Reduce the wasteful usage of respiratory accessory muscles (such as abdominal or neck muscles)

Relaxed breathing should be used instead of vigorous breathing, which compresses the airways.

Breathing exercises can help minimise hyperventilation.

Reduces shortness of breath by improving diaphragm function.

Improves airway clearance and provides confidence in dealing with shortness of breath.

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