Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat – A Holistic Health Program

The word retreat has many meaning but purpose is one, it is an activity of withdrawal to win over enemy inside or outside. When we are stuck with something, best way is to step back, relax and try again with full physical and mental energy.

Today people are facing many challenges right from physical, mental, emotional and social as well, due to which our health is being compromised. Sometime we can’t fix the things in pieces so have to take up the whole things to fix it. Human health is also something like this and the terms holistic health describe the wholeness of human health.

Retreat is the best way to get back in health because it supports, relax, recharge and rejuvenate physically mentally and emotionally. It builds good social health as well.

Yoga Retreat

We have designed our retreats in such a fashion where you can make it personalized for your individual needs. It suits you if you are looking at it from following prospective:

  • To Relax And Destress
  • To Rejuvenate
  • To Explore Yourself
  • To Heal Yourself.
  • To Cure Your Diseases.
  • For Spiritual Strength.
  • For Emotional Balance And Strength
  • To Detoxify
  • For Preventive Health Course
  • To Strengthen Interpersonal And Social Relationship.

Life is one and we all have limited options to keep it fit and active. Right decision on right time may keep us not just alive but also lively.

Such retreat are the best prevention to such sufferings. Most of the health challenges can be avoided by keeping our body, mind and soul detoxified and Retreat are the best way of doing so.

Though retreat are suitable to everyone who is on his own but must be attended by:

  • Busy Professionals
  • Fitness Freaks
  • Stressful People
  • Who Want To Reverse Chronic And Lifestyle Diseases Such As Hypertension, Diabetes, Anxiety, Obesity, Joints Problems, Metabolic Disorders Etc.?
  • Who Want Preventive Health Course?
  • Anyone With High Intake Of Processed Food, Chemicals And Drugs.
  • Digitally Addicted People.

Our retreat are based on all natural therapies and methods where we focus on holistic health and growth of all participants.

Our in campus retreats includes:

Our off campus therapies includes:

  • Asthang Yoga
  • Group Therapies
  • Expedition
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Anti-Stress Programs
  • Psychotherapy
  • Herbal Therapy
  • Diet And Nutrition
  • Complete Health Analysis
  • Accommodation

We at Dr Kumar’s lifestyle center make sure that you get maximum benefits out of this. Select your related retreats or consult our specialist to understand the most suitable retreat for you.


Duration3 Days Detox Retreat7 Days Wellness Retreat14 Days Rejuvenation Retreat21 Days Holistic Health Retreat
Fixed cost22500375001875052500875004375010500017500087500157500262500131250
Variable cost5000750050007500125007500100001500010000150002250015000

Select Your Retreat:

Body Retreat – Physical Detox3 Days Retreat7 Days Retreat14 Days Retreat21 Days Retreat
Preventive health management
Detoxification – complete body with Liver, Skin, upper & lower GIT.
Hypertension management
Weight management
Diabetes management
Cholesterol management
Acidity, gastritis, constipation, Ulcer management
IBS – Irritable bowel Syndrome management
Save your Joints and spine and Arthritis management
Respiratory disease management
PCOS management
Deaddiction- Drugs and Digital
Mind Retreat – Mental Detox 
Stress , anxiety management
Depression Management
Migraine management
Relationship management (interpersonal relationship)
Soul Retreat – Spiritual Detox 
Emotional stability and self-control
Chakra Healing
Spiritual Sojourn

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