Liver Cleansing and Detoxification



Immediate after liver cleansing a person start feeling very light, stones and toxins comes out from liver and GB, substantial benefit in acidity problem, cholesterol comes down, digestive system improves substantially, many type of allergies reduces substantially. Overall digestion gest improved immediately.

In naturopathy there are many ways to detoxify the body without any side effect. Change in lifestyle and diets also helps but Liver cleans or liver detox is one of the most effective way of keeping our liver healthy. By master liver cleans gall stone, liver stones and toxins comes out of the body and liver gets a new life all together. Even after 1st master liver clans you will start feeling great changes. 

Who should avoid Liver Cleansing?

  •  If you have been operated recently.
  •  Physically weak and aged people.
  •  Patient with colitis ulcer.
  •  Patient with cyst in liver.
  •  If you have just recovered from long illness and medication.
  •  If you have fever, cough and cold.
  •  If patient is on bed.
  •  Patient with Diabetes mellitus type -1
  •  Drug addicted patients.

Who needs Liver Cleansing?

  •  Though most of us need it and almost everyone can do it as a preventive care.
  •  People who has acidity, fatty liver, having stones in GB.
  •  People who are taking some regular medications like antacids, pain killers, anti-cholesterol, anti-allergy etc. since long time.
  •  People who drink alcohol or related drinks, consume pan masala, gutka etc.
  •  People who eat junk food, fried food, and processed food in access.
  •  People who has poor digestion, trying to lose weight?
  •  People with high cholesterol.

Schedule of the Liver Cleansing Program

DAY 1: 

  •  Check in time: 12 Noon
  •  Reporting time: 1 PM
  •  Training, Preparation and activation time: 2pm to 5 pm
  •  Evening course starts at: 5-6 pm
  •  Evening course ends at: 9-10 pm
  •  Sleep time: 10 pm to 5 am

DAY 2:

  •  Morning course starts at: 5-6 am
  •  Morning course ends at: 9-10 am
  •  Program ends at: 11 am
  •  Checkout time 12:00 Noon


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