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Detox Therapies

Shudhi, cleansing, purification are the well-known synonyms of detox or detoxification. In Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy detox Kriya plays very important role. Almost all treatments starts from this. In yoga, it is done through Sahatkarma and pranayama.

In Ayurveda, it is done through Panchkarma and dietary practices.

 In naturopathy it is done through Panchmahabhuta therapy i.e. Hydrotherapy, Mud Therapy, Chromo Therapy, Fasting Therapy and Dietary Restrictions. Detox doesn’t apply to the body only but also to the mind and emotions.

Shatkarma: as name reflect, it consist six (shat) Kriyas. It is the cleansing procedure in yoga therapy. It is advised in hath yoga that without internal cleansing yoga practices and Yog Sadhna cannot be practiced.  Let’s understand Shatkarma and other cleansing Kriyas in yoga therapy.

  • Dhauti: This is the process of cleansing the digestive track through ingesting the soft muslin cloth made for this Kriya. This should be done under an expert supervision. It is very effective to clean the food pipe and stomach. It helps to prevent and treat acidity, poor digestion, skin problems etc.
  • Basti: It is done through sucking water through a tube inserted in rectum to clean the colon. It should be done under an expert supervision. It is very effective in case of constipation, weakness of large intestine and abdominal muscles. It also strengthen the sphincter muscles and prevent many disorders related to digestive track such as Hernia, Ulcers, Piles, and Fissure, etc.
  • Neti: There are primarily three type of Neti: 1. Jal Neti 2. Sutra Neti 3. Gharit Neti. These are done to clean the upper respiratory track especially nasal and sinus cavity. It is an amazing procedure which has lots of benefits. It prevents and help to cure sinusitis, helpful in eyesight, relive snoring, contribute in hair health, and reduce stress and allergy. Jal Neti and Gharit Neti are very easy to use and anybody can do it after learning from an expert. Sutra Neti may need some practice under an expert guidance. By doing the Neti we can avoid many health issues related to upper respiratory track.
  • Trataka: This Kriya is based on focus. We can use candle flame, a dot on a white blank sheet, or any other fixed object. We just gaze on the object to focus. It help to relive stress, good for eyes, and increase decision power. It is useful for everyone. To learn it you can contact any yoga teacher or an expert.
  • Nauli: It is an abdominal Kriya in which a Sadhak rotate his abdominal muscles and intestines in clock wise and anti-clock wise to keep the excretory system active and establish the control on Bandhas like Mul bandha and Udyaan bandha.
  • Kapal Bhati: It is a respiratory Kriya associated with abdominal movement. In this Sadhak dose passive inhalation and active exhalation by which a jerk created on every stroke. It is a very useful Kriya for overall health, weight loss, to improve digestion, remove fatigue and balance Nadis.

Other than these there are three more Kriyas which are very useful and beneficial as well.

  1. Kunjal Kriya: The word Kunjal is derived from Kunjar, than means elephant. Elephant uses his trunk to suck the water and throws it back. In Kunjal Kriya Sadhak one needs to sit in Kag Aasana (crow posture) and drinks lots of warm plain water, when stomach gets full, a person needs to stand up and lean forward in 90 degree posture and keep his one hand on stomach and use three fingers of his other hand to vomit out the water. This process has to be done gently without any force. This process should be done empty stomach preferably in the morning only. Pregnant women, High BP, Back Ache, Kidney Dialysis patient should avoid it. To learn it take expert help.
  2. Baghi Kriya: This Kriya is derived from Bagh (Tiger), that’s why it is called Baghi Kriya. When tiger hunt he eats a lot of flash and vomit out undigested food after some time. Same way it is practiced by Sadhak to eliminate laziness, to activate liver and digestive power. It is done 2 hour after the 1st light meal of the day. After 2 hours of the meal Kunjal Kriya performed till the stomach gets clear and no food particle come out. After this Kriya rice milk kheer to be given to practitioner.  It is very beneficial Kriya for liver, weight management, activeness and digestive system. It should be done once in 2 months. You must do it under an expert guidance.
  3. Shankh Prakshalan (Stomach Wash): Shankh is an instrument which a Pujari in Hindu temple blows for puja, when he clears this in the morning he pours water at one end and blow air to force water to come out from another end. The shape of Shankh is circular as our GI track, with the same principle Sadhak perform this Kriya to deep clean the GI track. A person drinks warm saline water and perform Tad Aasana (Tiryan Tad Aasana), Katichakra Aasana, Sarp Aasana (Tiryak Bhujng Aasana), Matsyendr Aasana (Udarkorshan Aasana).