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Detox center franchise

Detoxification is the key to health, as per naturopathy, Ayurveda and yoga without detoxification any treatment is not possible. For preventive course also detoxification is very important. There are various ways to detoxify the human body.  Type of detox:

Detox Centre Franchise

We are specialized in detox therapies and provide preventive and curative detox therapies which are very effective to prevent and control various disease. Preventive and alternative medicines marketing is one of the fastest growing sector.

We are looking for franchise partners to join with us in their respective cities.

Investment: 20 to 25 lacs.

Space required: 600 sq feet minimum.

Eligibility: any health professional like Ayurveda doctor, naturopath, dietician, physio therapist, yoga therapist, allopathy practitioner.

Return: 50 to 80% per annum.

Support form brand: complete setup, training, supply of inventory, marketing, branding.