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Neurotherapy: A Drugless Treatment That Cures The Cause

The alternative treatment has gained a tremendous popularity in recent past years. This is all because of professionals working in this field helping people recovering from severe illnesses. Neurotherapy is also an alternative treatment process that works on the cause of illness instead of symptoms. It helps in curing even those ailments that do not have cures in conventional treatment. If you have questions like what is Neurotherapy, how does it treat diseases, what are the benefits of taking neurotherapy treatment? Then here you will get answers to all your questions.

So, starting from the benefits, the finest thing about Neurotherapy is, just like other alternative treatments like Yoga, Ayurveda, it does not leave any side effect. The result of therapy is so effective and wide that it has brought a breakthrough in the alternative treatment. Let’s learn more about it.

An Introduction Of Neurotherapy

Just like alternative treatment, the principle of Neurotherapy is also based on stimulating the body’s self healing mechanism to treat the cause of diseases not the symptom. In Neurotherapy, as the therapy name suggests, it is related to nerves, so here, doctors give pressure on nerves currents and channels to stimulate blood and other body fluid flow. The pressure is applied either through massage with hands or feet. The massage stimulates depressed blood cells and restore the balance, creating equilibrium in the body and stimulate self healing.

It is an old treatment process, but Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra gave it a new appearance by combining it with the science of human physiology. Now, every treatment in Neurotherapy has a scientific evidence and many patients have been benefited from this treatment. The full name of this therapy is Lajpatrai Mehra Neuro Therapy (LMNT).


How Does Neurotherapy Work?

The Neurotherapy is an alternative treatment and therefore, it does not cure diseases with medicines. Instead, it stimulates the body for self heal.

Our body has a strong prowess of self healing. It does not require any external push to treat its illness, however, various physical, mental and external conditions weakens the body immune system that slower down the body’s self healing system. Neurotherapy awakens these systems and boost immunity. The experts do this understanding and using the human physiology. According to human physiology, a human body has around 80 points which, when pressed for a certain interval of time and to an amount of pressure, it directs the secretion of enzymes and amino acids that maintain equilibrium of different fluids in the body. This happens with the blood as well.

The neurotherapists are trained in this technique, they work in a well coordinated way with the body’s internal and natural system. The therapy is effective in treating all physical and mental disorders by enhancing blood circulation at the affected part.

Neurotherapy Can Treat Several Illnesses

Neurotherapy follows the pattern of naturopathy. It does not have any side effect and does not enforce any medicines on patients. On the contrary, it gradually removes the patient’s dependency on medicines by streamlining body’s immunity, bringing back the equilibrium and introducing healthy lifestyle. Through this method, neurotherapy is able to treat many diseases. And again to recall, neurotherapy treats the cause of diseases and not the symptoms, so patients get the permanent treatment through this process.

It is effective in treating pain in different parts of the body like ADD treatment, BP issue, anxiety treatment, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, cerebral palsy, calf muscles pain, digestive disorder, depression, down syndrome, fits, epilepsy, insomnia, kidney issue, multiple sclerosis, navel problem, vertigo issue, thyroid, sciatica pain, psoriasis, Parkinson problem, prolapsed of the uterus, motor neuron issue.


Benefits Of Taking Neurotherapy Treatment

  • This therapy is medicine-less, so it has no side effects
  • The treatment has scientific evidence and it cures the disease precisely
  • The diagnosis method of neurotherapy is unique, but it collaborates with modern investigations like MRI reports, x-rays report, blood tests, etc.
  • The therapy produces the same result again and again, it means it works in the same pattern for every individual.
  • It is able to treat illnesses that have occurred because of side effects

How Does Neurotherapists Identify Diseases?

Nurotherapists use different methods to identify disease in the body. They check nose, tongue, nerves and sometime depend on reports that conventional treatment process rely on. They also talk to patients for a long hours to understand their lifestyle to find the cause of disease, as most diseases are related to lifestyle.

The Best Neurotherapy Centre In Faridabad

Neurotherapy has gained a huge popularity in the recent time and therefore, finding a treatment center won’t be difficult. Dr. Kumar’s Life Style Center is one of the renowned neurotherapy treatment Centres in Faridabad. It is well equipped with needed tools and has expert neurotherapiest that has a deep understanding of this treatment process. We have cured many people through this treatment. To know more about Dr.Kumar’s LifeStyle Centre treatment facility, check our website, visit our center or call on our number. You will get complete assistance from experienced professionals.

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