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Ayurveda is the ancient Indian traditional method of treatment and prevention of disease. It is a combination of diet, herbal treatment, physical therapy, meditation and breathing exercises. Ayurveda is an alternative system of medicine that works to treat the body, mind and spirit with an integrated approach. Ayurveda means “the knowledge of life” and works on holistic health. The major benefits we receive while undergoing Ayurveda treatment are as follows:


The primary benefit of Ayurveda is that it has almost no side effects. It is based on the belief that the body has tremendous power to heal itself provided we support it. Ayurveda is designed to support the body; to balance the internal energy and Doshas.


When undergoing treatment using allopathic or chemical-based medicines you must have experienced weakness and other associated problems. It takes a long time to recover post treatment because of these side effects. However while taking Ayurveda treatment such situations don’t occur as the treatment encompasses wholes, some recovery, and strength. In fact the treatment rejuvenates the whole system.


Ayurveda works on the panchmahabhuta principle from which our body is made. To diagnose a disease, three basic things like Vata, Pit and cough are checked and the entire treatment is based on balancing these three constituents. The Ayurvedic medicines used are natural and similar to the constituents of our body. These medicines do not leave any trace and waste in our body that can result in any sort of side effects.


Ayurveda is not just curative but also preventive; most of the diseases can be prevented with appropriate care. Ayurveda focuses on seasonal diets, practices and precautions to prevent illness and bad health.

Holistic approach

Ayurveda has an impact on your holistic health and not just physical health. It works on your body, mind and spirit together. The fundamental belief is that good health means that the body, mind and spirit function well and in balance.

Treat the ill, not just illness

The basic principle of alternative medicine including Ayurveda is that every disease has an effect on the whole body system. Symptoms are the physical manifestations of unhealthy issues that have affected our entire system. Thus the treatment is designed to have an impact on all the levels starting from the most fundamental level due to which symptoms or diseases have surfaced.


Modern-day health problems and most of the chronic diseases stem from our lifestyle. There is no other way of treating and preventing these diseases but by resorting to the alternative medicine system. Thus Ayurveda plays a significant role in healing such problems. It is a highly dependable option that can be employed to treat or prevent such disorders.

Ayurvedic medication is made of plants, herbs, natural and organic ingredients. Therefore these drugs are easily accepted by our physical system and are safe to consume with no side effects even when used for long durations in case of chronic disorders.

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