Alleviate Illness With The benefits Of Ayurveda

Alleviate Illness With The Power Of Ayurveda

Alleviate Illness With The Power Of Ayurveda

Alleviate Illness With The Benefits Of Ayurveda:-The English meaning of the Sanskrit word Ayurveda is ‘Knowledge of life’, just like its name, Ayurveda educates people about life, and how we should harmonize our internal and external world to have a healthy, disease-free body. The world of Ayurveda is not confined only up to Ayurvedic medicines, which most people think. Instead, Ayurveda diagnoses and treats the cause of illnesses by taking a holistic approach. It comprises of many treatments. The intent of all the treatments that it covers is internal and external cleansing of the body, detoxification, relaxation, and rejuvenation of body self-healing mechanics. Ayurveda does use a few medicines, and essential oils to carry out treatments but that does not leave any residue in or on the body. Some of the Ayurvedic treatments have become so popular because of their effectiveness that it has made their way in western countries as well.


Primary Ayurveda Treatment And Its Benefits:-
Ayurveda treats illness, working on doshas. It uses therapies, diet plans, yoga, and medicines, to create a balance between the three doshas. The primary intent of this alternative treatment is to correct a person’s lifestyle. The four treatment plans of ayurveda are:
Ayurvedic Therapies- Spa, as we know, it is a place to relive and invigorate the body, but when the prefix Ayurvedic is attached to it, it means, it is something related to healing. Ayurvedic spa therapy creates the balance of three doshas, which the whole Ayurveda treatment is based upon, warm essential oil is used for a massage that stimulates healing by relieving toxins. In addition to the spa, Ayurvedic therapy is the combination of many other therapies, like abhyanga, avagaha sweda, bashpasweda, choornaswedana, dhanyamla-dhara, gandharva therapy, garshana, herbal bolus bag, kati vasti, marma point massage, mukabhyanga, mukha lepa, nasya, neti, netradhara eye treatment, panahasveda, rice panda, sarvangadhara oil treatment, shiro-abhyanga, shirodhara, shirovasti, snana massage, swedana, padhabhyanga foot massage,pizhichil, tarpana, udwarthana, urovasti, virechana, vishes. When Ayurveda treats a person, it uses one or a mix of these therapies to correct core problems.

Ayurvedic Diet Therapy – Ayurveda is not just about treating illness. It focuses more on improving lifestyle and creating the balance of three doshas in a person’s body. According to Ayurveda, an imbalance of three doshas in the body is the reason for sickness, and food plays a vital role in balancing doshas. A person is put on Ayurvedic diet therapy based on Prakriti and vikruti of his body, therefore, in Ayurveda, it is possible that diet recommendation varies for two persons suffering from the same health issue. An ideal diet follows the pattern of minimally processed food and maximum whole food. Ayurveda categories food based on taste, there are six types of food in Ayurveda, sweet, salty, astringent, bitter, sour, and pungent. benefits Of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy – Yoga and Ayurveda, both are known for their respective healing advantages, yoga attains healing harmonizing the soul, body, and mind, whilst Ayurveda revitalizes health by working on physical and mental health. Ayurveda uses yoga to create the balance of Kapha, pitta, and vatas. Ayurveda doctors suggest yoga to a person depending on his dosha imbalance. For e.g. a Kapha is related to water and earth elements, and people having kapha dosha are lazy, thus, Ayurveda suggests a gentle and restorative exercise to such people, and the same is for pitta and vata people as well. The yoga trainers do not possess knowledge about doshas, they guide yoga asanas to people in general. This is the reason, Ayurvedic yoga contributes more to faster healing and gives better health benefits to people.

Ayurvedic Medicines – Ayurveda uses medicines to treat illness, however, it is different from conventional medicines, which are composed of chemical salts. Ayurveda medicines are mainly derived from plants, fruits, and animals, and thus leave no side effect on the body. The purpose of Ayurvedic medicine is to enhance self-healing as well as to treat the cause of sickness, not just the symptoms.
These are the primary treatment practice of Ayurveda. Most Ayurvedic doctors use a combination of these four treatment processes to attain the desired health goal. To know more about ayurvedic therapy and yoga, medicines, visit the nearest Ayurveda center.

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