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5 Yoga Asanas Benefits For Our Health

Yoga benefits For Our health

Do you feel tired right after leaving your bed in the morning, nothing excites you, and you feel like sleeping again for hours? If this is a case, it is the high time to do something to be in better health. And when it comes to becoming fit, nothing is better than yoga. Yoga benefits are many as it revives overall health.

If you think, yoga is tough and time taking for you, you are wrong because it is not what you have perceived it. Yoga is an exercise form that has been designed to attain good health. And it is very easy and doable by all. Here, we are sharing five yoga asanas with you, to start with and feel its potency. Thereafter, if you wish, you can add advanced yoga poses/ asanas or you can continue with these five asanas to have a refreshing morning, and a day full of energy throughout your life.

5 yoga benefits for our health :

1, Surya Namaskar – Start your day with surya namaskar. It is one of the easiest and most effective asanas in Yoga to give an exciting start to a day. Surya Namaskar asana consists of 12 steps, each one focuses on strengthening a specific body part. The 12 steps, also called as poses are, prayer pose, raise arm pose, hand to foot pose, equestrian pose, stick pose, saluting with eight points pose, cobra pose, mountain pose, equestrian pose, hand to foot pose, raised arms pose. Learn surya namaskar from this link



Benefits Of Suryanamakar

  • It improves blood circulation
  • Help in weight loss
  • Eliminate menstrual problems
  • Improves hair and skin
  • Control anxiety
  • Improves creativity and presence of mind

2, Kapalbhati – This is a simple yoga asana, you can do right after getting out of your bed. It is very easy and quick. If you are short of time in the early morning, do it at any hour of the day, it will provide the same yoga benefit.


Steps Of Kapalbhati

  • Relax your body and sit in a yogic posture on the yoga mat
  • Sit in cross less posture and close your eyes. You can also sit in sukhasna or pasmasana if you feel comfortable to do this asana.
  • Make gyan mudra using your thumb and index finger.
  • Take a deep breath slowly and steadily, concentrate on breathing while taking the air in through both nostrils.
  • Exhale the air with pressure from both nostrils and the inhale will become automatic.
  • Once the your are out of breath, relax and start again. Repeat it for 20-40 times, to reap benefits.

Benefits of Kapalbhati

  • It oxygenates the whole body
  • Energize the mind
  • Pump out stale oxygen from the body
  • Gives shiny and glowing skin.

3, Child Asana – This is a five-step asana, easy to perform, and does miracles in the body. This is again an asana that you can do at any hour of the day. It is very relaxing and rejuvenating.

child asana
child asana

Steps of Child Asana

  • Fold your legs back and sit at vajra asana.
  • Fold your arms back and place it parallel to folded legs in a relaxing position.
  • Bring down your head on the floor.
  • Bend your head so that your forehead touches the floor.
  • Hold the position as long as you can, focus on your breath, inhale and exhale.

Benefits of Child Asana

  • The asana relaxes the complete body.
  • It relaxes and strengthens the neck, back and legs.

4, Gomukh Asana – The English name of this asana is cow face pose. You can do this asana after or before kapalbati. The asana is simple and very effective. In this pose, you need to sit cross leg, take your hands back, try to hold your right arms with your left arm or vice versa.

gomukh asana

Steps of Gomukh Asana

  • Sit straight on the ground, and keep your legs stretched
  • Fold both legs in a way that that both knees get over another
  • Bend your feet inward
  • Fold both arms back, right arm over the shoulder and left from the waist.
  • Try to hold fingers of the right arm with left arm figures to make a grip or vice versa.
  • Hold the position, keep the trunk straight and erect, expand the chest and bend little backward.
  • Take slow and deep breath. Concentrate on breath and hold the position till you can.

Benefits of gomukh asana

  • It cures sciatica
  • Good for people suffering from high blood pressure
  • Cures stiff shoulder
  • Lessen anxiety and stress
  • Stimulate kidney
  • Strengthens hips, ankles, inner armpits, chest, triceps, shoulders and thighs.
  • One of the best yoga poses for back pain

5, Sukhasana – Sukhasana in English known as the easy pose. You can do this asana anytime in a day, but it gives maximum benefit when done early morning. In this pose, you sit in a relaxing pose and concentrate on your breath. Though this pose looks simple, it offers numerous benefits. It opens the hips.


Steps Of Sukhasna

  • Sit straight on the mat and unfold your legs.
  • Fold legs and tug it inside the tights. This is the normal sitting position in yoga.
  • Put both your hand on knees. Keep your spine straight and back erect.
  • Relax your body and breath slowly. Inhale and exhale.
  • Be in the same position till you feel comfortable.

Benefits of Sukhasana

  • It provides ease.
  • Provide relief in menstrual pain.
  • Lower the anxiety level.

So, introduce these yoga poses in your daily life to have a refreshing start of the day. Learn more about other yoga poses like standing yoga poses, advanced yoga poses and its health benefits at the Dr. Kumar Lifestyle Center. Check our website to contact the best yoga trainers who provide yoga classes in Faridabad

We would be happy if you will share with us which of these yoga poses you want to practice to perfection.Tags: advanced yoga posesstanding yoga posesYogayoga classes in delhiyoga classes in Faridabadyoga for skinyoga poses for back pain

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