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About Colon Hydro Therapy

Benefits of Colon Hydro Therapy

Detoxify the body

Cleanses the skin

Elevate Energy level

Helps to lose weight

Relaxes Mind

Prevent colon diseases

Treat constipation and gastritis

Boost immunity

colon hydrotherapy

Who should take this therapy ?

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a 45 mins standard therapy.

It should be done empty stomach, preferably in the morning time.

Patients with Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD), physically weak patients, chronic heart patients, pateints with heavy bleeding in hemorrhoids / piles should avoid it.

Initially we advise 3 sittings within 9 days, in some cases 1 or 2 sittings also get enough. After that one sitting in about 6 months as a follow up detox course is enough.

Since it’s a complete natural therapy, so there is no side effect.

Yes, you can go your office or can do your routine work after Colon Hydro Therapy. In few cases patients feel little weakness & sleepy. For them we advice rest for a day.

Anyone from age 9 years to 90 years with suitable health condition can have it.

Yes there are some dietary changes advice during this therapy to get the maximum result. -Is there any chemical used in this therapy?

No only filtered and UV-treated water is used for the therapy.


Praveen, Hisar

Daily care which has Regular multivitamin and Ashwagandha extract is amazing combo. it has solved my physical and mental fatigue problem.

Dinesh Chauhan

Dinesh, Faridabad

With the regular use of Detox, my bowel movement and digestion has improved in a very short span of time. Also, it taste really good.


Nishant, Haridwar

Booster is really magical, after taking it, my energy level has gone up, my health has improved, post exercise pains have gone.


Deepak , Gurugram

Cleanzer is really very effective, my cholesterol level has gone down. I feel more stamina. I feel much lighter and better now.


Vinay, Mumbai

Rather than taking multiple supplements for my bone and joints health, I started taking 360 bone & joint care, it’s
really very effective, my mobility has become easy and fatique in legs has almost gone.

Dr. Ranu Arora

Dr. Renu Arora, Faridabad

Being working in MNC, my diet is totally compromised, somebody suggested me “Regular” Multivitamin, it really changed me a lot. my energy level is up. It is a must take supplement for everyone.

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