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We do comprehensive health analyses of the patient to understand the root cause of the disease/ health problem and plan our treatment mix which includes Ayurveda, naturopathy, neurotherapy and yoga therapy. Our approach is to eliminate the root causes which makes our treatment line more effective, less time consuming and economical. We also educate the patient and provide required counselling so that he can stay healthy thereafter.  Our treatment mix concept works very well and patient doesn’t need to shift from one therapy to another.

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DKLC Detox Therapies

We provide world class therapies with the help of trained and experienced doctors and therapists.
Shudhi, cleansing, purification are the well-known synonyms of detox or detoxification. In Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy detox kriyas plays very important role. Almost all treatments starts from this. In Yoga, it is done through Shatkarma and pranayama. In Ayurveda it is done through Panchkarma and dietary practices. In naturopathy it is done through Panchmahabhuta therapy i.e hydro therapy, mud therapy, chromo therapy, fasting therapy and dietary restrictions. Detox doesn’t apply to the body only but also to the mind and emotions.

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DKLC Health Products

We understand your health need very well, our products are developed and made with extra care and hygiene. All products are well balanced and compliant with RDA, FSSAI, AYUSH, WHO, FDA, HACCP, GMP AND ISO.

DKLC Super Food

Healthy inside is healthy outside, our range of super food products contains high nutrient values naturally. Our super food products are sourced from their native places those having organic values and chemical free.

DKLC Packages & Offers

Join us in the journey of well-being and holistic health. Our packages and offers are designed to match your needs. We also customize the health packages for your special needs.

Business Opportunities with DKLC

Along with good health we also provide the opportunity to be the part of our journey of wellness business.

DKLC Testimonials

Praveen, Hisar

Daily care which has Regular multivitamin and Ashwagandha extract is amazing combo. it has solved my physical and mental fatigue problem.

Dinesh, Faridabad

With the regular use of Detox, my bowel movement and digestion has improved in a very short span of time. Also, it taste really good.

Nishant, Haridwar

Booster is really magical, after taking it, my energy level has gone up, my health has improved, post exercise pains have gone.

Deepak , Gurugram

Cleanzer is really very effective, my cholesterol level has gone down. I feel more stamina. I feel much lighter and better now.

Vinay, Mumbai

Rather than taking multiple supplements for my bone and joints health, I started taking 360 bone & joint care, it’s
really very effective, my mobility has become easy and fatique in legs has almost gone.

Dr. Renu Arora, Faridabad

Being working in MNC, my diet is totally compromised, somebody suggested me “Regular” Multivitamin, it really changed me a lot. my energy level is up. It is a must take supplement for everyone.

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