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Liver & Cholestrol Therapy (LCCT)

Liver & Cholesterol Cleansing Therapy (LCCT) is helpful in:

Fatty Liver

High Cholesterol


Gastritis & Acidity

Weight Loss



Gall Bladder Stone

Who needs Liver Cleansing?

Who should avoid Liver Cleansing?

About Liver Cholesterol Cleansing Therapy

Prevention is better than cure is the old saying, but now it has been established that prevention is the only cure. Book a preventive health program to keep yourself disease free.

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DAY 2:

Frequently Asked Questions

We all know how important the liver is for a healthy life and even for survival, we can say that it is the most important organ of our metabolic and digestive system. But do we really take care of it? By our faulty lifestyle, poor eating habits, use of alcohol, air and water pollution, lack of exercises, stress, over use of medications, intake of chemicals in terms of fertilizers and pesticides in daily eatables, we abuse it the most.

Liver also need care, this care comes through healthy diet and lifestyle practices or through cleansing and detox therapies. Through these therapies we cleans liver naturally.

In naturopathy there are many ways to detoxify the body without any side effect. Change in lifestyle and diets also helps but Liver cleans or liver detox is one of the most effective way of keeping our liver healthy. By master liver cleans gall stone, liver stones and toxins comes out of the body and liver gets a new life all together. Even after 1st master liver cleans you will start feeling great changes.

Immediate after liver cleansing a person start feeling very light, stones and toxins comes out from liver and GB, substantial benefit in acidity problem, cholesterol comes down, digestive system improves, many type of allergies reduces substantially. Overall digestion gest improved immediately.

If you are doing it 1st time than it is advised to do it twice initially after the gap of 3 weeks and then you can do it once in 6 to 12 months. After 1st master liver cleans one should do kidney cleansing, acidity cleansing and parasite cleansing before 2nd master liver cleans.

It is a 24 hour residential program, we do it under the supervision of our experts.

You should eat light meal on the previous day of this program, on the day of program take your lite breakfast maximum by 10 AM, from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm take only fruits and liquid like juice, soup, fruits, coconut water etc. 1 PM onwards we shall take over and guide further.

A Gall bladder health is also depends on liver health. Gall bladder stones and surgically removal of it has become very common practice these days, before such surgery patient are being told that gall bladder is not very much required in the body and you will not have any problem in life, but this is not complete truth. Without gall bladder we can’t digest fatty food easily and start facing many other problems related to digestive system.

Food is the base of healthy living, we can stay healthy only if we eat right and digest it well. Being an important part of our digestive system liver play many important roles in our body like it produces many chemicals to breakdown the food we eat and helps to digest and absorb it properly, liver stores glycogen and some important vitamins, it convert amino acids into protein, it helps to maintain the healthy level of cholesterol in our blood, it also helps to detoxify the body and play many more roles. Liver also called a chemical factory of our body and control many vital functions of the body, without a healthy liver we can’t live a healthy life.

Yes, it is absolutely safe and natural. It has no side effect.

For Indian nationals It cost 7500/- per person including stay, food, cleansing procedure, general consultation, diet consultation and lifestyle counselling. Testing charges (blood test for liver and ultrasound of liver) are separate which are optional. (Approx. costs 1500 if needed) for foreign national it costs 250 USD per person including stay, food, cleansing procedure, general consultation, diet consultation and lifestyle counselling. Testing charges (blood test for liver and ultrasound of liver) are separate which are optional. (Approx. costs 1500 if needed)

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Praveen, Hisar

Daily care which has Regular multivitamin and Ashwagandha extract is amazing combo. it has solved my physical and mental fatigue problem.

Dinesh Chauhan

Dinesh, Faridabad

With the regular use of Detox, my bowel movement and digestion has improved in a very short span of time. Also, it taste really good.


Nishant, Haridwar

Booster is really magical, after taking it, my energy level has gone up, my health has improved, post exercise pains have gone.


Deepak , Gurugram

Cleanzer is really very effective, my cholesterol level has gone down. I feel more stamina. I feel much lighter and better now.


Vinay, Mumbai

Rather than taking multiple supplements for my bone and joints health, I started taking 360 bone & joint care, it’s
really very effective, my mobility has become easy and fatique in legs has almost gone.

Dr. Ranu Arora

Dr. Renu Arora, Faridabad

Being working in MNC, my diet is totally compromised, somebody suggested me “Regular” Multivitamin, it really changed me a lot. my energy level is up. It is a must take supplement for everyone.